What Tebowmaniacs See in Tim Tebow the Football Player


Jan 8 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2011 AFC wild card playoff game at Sports Authority Field. The Broncos defeated the Steelers 23-29 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

OK, time to take away all of the rhetoric. There’s a lot of talk about the guy pictured to the right, we know that. I have made clear my opinion of this move by the Jets. Any regular to this website knows that as well. Today, I wanted to strip it all down, and take a look statistically at Tim Tebow, and say, what do his fans see? What about his performance am I missing? He must be loved for a reason. So off I went.

Some of what he did in 2011 was impressive. He did put up an interception percentage was a meager 2.2%, while Mark Sanchez put up 3.3%.

His completion percentage was also excellent on the deep ball. On passes from 21-30 yards, he went over 50% , to 52.1 to be exact. For passes over 31 yards, it went up to a whopping 63.2 %. Our incumbent QB, Mr. Sanchez, got worse as the attempts got deeper. His percentage from 21-30 yards was 52.7 %, and over 31 yards he fell under 50%, to 49.5%.

So this is clearly an element that appeals to fans. Tim Tebow is adept at completing the deep ball, and that always garners the interest of fans. There Tebow fans, I gave your guy a compliment. I know that’s rare for me, so take it in and enjoy it.

Tim Tebow also played much better in the last part of the game. His QB rating in 2011 for the first half of games was 65.1, but it jumped up to 78.1 in the second half. He obviously played well late, although interesting enough, for a guy that had so many late wins, Tebow’s rating was 46.8 in the last two minutes of either half. Mark Sanchez’s numbers are interesting too. His rating in the first half was 82.9, compared to a second half rating of 73.5. His rating in the last two minutes of the half believe it or not, was 81.9.

My point here? Mark Sanchez played well in the last two minutes, but clearly Tim Tebow stepped his play up late in games, and that will always excite a fan base.

Look at me Tebowmaniacs, it’s a Tim Tebow love fest. ?

Finally, look at Tim Tebow’s numbers in the fourth quarter. It’s the only quarter where he had a completion percentage of over 50 % (51.9). His rating also jumped up to 81.3. If the Broncos went to overtime, Tim Tebow was nothing short of spectacular, with a 145.8 passer rating. The bottom line on this is that Tim Tebow plays well when the game is on the line, and he knows how to win these games.

You don’t win as often as Tim Tebow did in 2011 if you don’t have SOMETHING going for you.

On the other hand Mark Sanchez’s completion percentage went down in the second half, putting up numbers of 64.7 and 61.4 % in the first and second quarter respectively, 47.2% in the third quarter, 54.1% in the fourth.

So, go ahead and ask me Tim Tebow fans. What’s my problem? Well, I’ll tell you.

My problem with Tim is one word, consistency. Look at his numbers early in the game. Here are his completion percentages in the first three quarters respectively:47.7%, 38.2%, 36.9%. He wouldn’t have been forced into so many comeback, dire situations, if he had played better in the first three quarters.

This, to put it mildly, will not cut it. He can rush for as many yards as he likes, and Tebow is good at that. But, teams now have a full season of game film to watch this guy. They are going to know how to play against him. To be successful, and for his avant garde wildcat plays to work, he is going to have to complete passes. And he just doesn’t do that enough, sorry Tebow fans out there. He just doesn’t. Furthermore, a lot of QB experts don’t think his passing is going to get any better, after all this time doing it one way.

Clearly, Tim Tebow has attributes as a QB. He’s a winner, no doubt about it. He plays well when the game is on the line. I would like nothing better than to be wrong about everything I have said in the past, and have Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow be the first two headed monster at QB to win a Super Bowl.

I don’t see it though.