Bill Parcells’ Willingness to Help Sean Payton Shows Loyalty and Character


The recent news regarding Bill Parcells proves he is a heck of a guy. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Most of us know, Bill Parcells has been back in the news this week, regarding the Saints’ situation. Bill, former coach of the Giants, Jets, Patriots, and Cowboys, has been approached by Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis about serving in some role with the team in 2012, possibly even as interim coach.

He has responded, saying he is intrigued by the idea. That, although there is no offer on the table, he feels like he must help. Sean Payton is one of “his guys”, and he would be a hypocrite if he turned it down out right. Sean Payton is a friend, and if he told Bill that he was needed, he would have to give it serious consideration.

Talk about a classy guy.

One could make the argument that they shouldn’t be allowed to hire Parcells. As you know, the reason that the Saints are in this situation is because Sean Payton has been suspended for the 2012 season due to his role in the Bounty situation. One could, myself included, make the argument that bringing in another Super Bowl winning coach is not punishment at all. I actually feel they should be obligated to use someone in house, because it should be more of a punishment.

But since this is not the case, and they are allowed to hire Parcells, let’s talk about the type of guy this is. Parcells has talked a long time about “his guys”. He had them when he was a coach, players that played for him along the way, that ended up moving on to other teams with him, either as players, or eventually as assistant coaches. He has been a loyal guy no matter where he has been in football, and this is no different. Sean Payton served as an able bodied assistant on Parcells’ Cowboys staff, and his willingness to return the favor says all you need to know about Bill Parcells.

He also would be pushing back his Hall of Fame eligibility if he does it. He doesn’t care. His response was, “why should I worry about something that might never even happen”. See? He is more concerned with helping a friend, then his own legacy.

I was personally ticked at Bill Parcells for a long time. He left the Jets when they sorely needed him. I believe one more year of coaching the Jets might have put them over the top. That’s water under the bridge now. This is clearly a guy with class, whether you like him or not.