Jets vs. Chiefs; Interview with the Chiefs


Thanks to Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict, the Kansas City Chiefs website of fansided, for sitting down with the Jet Press and talking about this Sunday’s game between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

JetPress: Tyler Palko?  What should the Jets be worrying about on Sunday with Palko?

AA: Not a whole lot. Palko has a noodle arm and his decision making is terrible. The best the Chiefs can hope for is that they manage to score on defense because Palko hasn’t really shown he can be a threat in the passing game. Going up a secondary like NY’s is going to be about as tough a task as Palko could face and he just isn’t up to the challenge.

The only thing I’d watch out for is he might take off and run. He hasn’t really done it yet but he’s athletic enough to get all poor-man’s Tim Tebow on you.JetPress: Who will put up more points, the Chiefs offense or the Chiefs Defense?

AA:  The defense. I wouldn’t rule out a scenario where the KC offense actually scores negative points and gets a safety. If the defense didn’t score and the offense gave up a safety would that means the KC defense wins?JetPress:  It seems the Chiefs have been hit by the injury bug this season. Which injury has hurt the team the most?

AA:  Jamaal Charles. It isn’t even close. He’s one of the best players in football and the best player on the team. Taking him away has crippled the offensive production of this team because Scott Pioli failed to prepare for the possibility that Charles might get hurt. Unless you count Old Man Thomas Jones as a preparedness plan.JetPress: At 5-7, one would think a team would be out of the playoffs, yet the Chiefs still play the Broncos and Raiders (both 7-5).  Can the Chiefs make the playoffs this year?

AA:  They CAN but they won’t. Not unless their defense keeps playing lights out and their offense finds a way to score. They play the Packers next week so that is loss #8 right there. Their best hope is to go 3-1 down the stretch, finish 8-8 and hope the other two slip up. Unlikely but, possible.JetPress:  5. Who should Jets QB Mark Sanchez be worried about most on Sunday?

AA:  I am going to say Justin Houston. The customary answer here is Tamba Hali but Houston is really coming along and has really improved getting after the QB. The Chiefs are likely to try to use that to their advantage by sending Houston after Sanchez more than they normally would. If the Jets try to double Hali, it could give Houston the one on ones he needs to do some damage.JetPress:  Prediction?

AA:  I’m proud of the fight the Chiefs are showing but the injuries have mounted too high and the Jets will probably be able to generate enough offense that the Chiefs won’t be able to keep up. I do have a hunch it could be a closer game than many expect though.

Jets 17, Chiefs 9