Ultimate fan support will help win a championship


Over the last 40 years it hasn’t been easy being a Jets fan. For decades the New York Jets have broken hearts and created depression in ways nobody can quite understand unless you bleed green and white. Those of us who are too young to remember Broadway Joe’s run to our only Super Bowl, we have only the memories of others to tap into. Of course there are articles in print and the limited video that certainly wasn’t filmed by NFL films that we can revert to… but we want more. Like Red sox fan felt prior to 2004, Jets fans want a ring! It feels like a lifetime since our last championship and we can only hope we get one before we die.

From Walt Michaels & Joe Walton to Bruce Coslet & Pete Carroll,,, and who can forget Richie Kotite, who I personally liked, Jets fans had their share of coaches and their share of disappointing seasons to go with them. But it wasn’t until the hiring of “The Tuna” Bill Parcells in 1997 that gave us real hope and aspirations. Bill got us to an AFC championship game, our first since the 1982 season and put us on the map as a contender. He gave the jets some respect and created two categories of Jets fans:  1. a cocky New Yorker or 2. a Jets fan pessimist.  PS:  I believe we would have beat Atlanta in 1999 if we got by Denver.  And oh yeah, we would have beat Green bay last year if we beat Pittsburgh! And yes, we should have and could have beat Pittsburgh too! You can see which category I fall into, but no matter where you fit into Jets history and what Jets karma you believe in, one thing we can all agree on, Rex Ryan is the real deal and it just feels like the Jets have a legitimate shot at a championship with Rex at the helm.

So after all those difficult and challenging seasons under our belts, for all the draft picks that made us question our senses, all the pain, all the let downs, all the ridiculous happenings to this franchise, and all the losses that just shouldn’t have happened; like September 23, 1991 Monday night vs. Chicago, (the most unbelievable & profound loss I ever saw) Jets fans who’ve stuck this out deserve a championship! We’ve paid our dues! Whether you’re a Jets pessimist or optimist, let’s get on board, support this team in every way we can, especially every Sunday. Let’s take home field advantage to a new level with “lots of noise”! Let’s support this group until we bring it home! Let’s get Karma going in the right direction. Wear your Jets gear every Sunday, even in May, get your bumper stickers, hats and banners out. Let’s help make it easy being a Jets fan! Let’s do our part to become NFL Champions! Go Jets!