Q & A with Browns


The Jet Press sat down with Dawg Pound Daily to talk about the upcoming New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns game.  Here are 5 questions we asked:

1. who has been the Browns best player this year on Offense and DefenseAnswer – The best player for the Browns on offense is an easy one: running back Peyton Hillis. I wouldn’t say he came out of nowhere, but the spark that he has provided the offense has been outstanding. He is on pace to rush for more than 1,000 yards and is a valuable receiver – there’s no doubt that the Browns would be wallowing in a lost season without Hillis. On defense, I’d have to say that rookie safety T.J. Ward has the MVP. He has given this defense a tough, physical mentality, and even though the Browns are a middle-of-the-road defense, teams know that yards will have to be earned.2. What can Braylon Edwards expect on Sunday from the Fans

Answer – At this point, Browns fans are more tired of Braylon Edwards than they are angry with him. He’s an annoying fly that continues to buzz around your head; he continues to take cheap shots at Cleveland when everyone would much rather just forget that he ever put on a Browns uniform. He wants fans to boo, which they will, but it’s almost as if he wants them to act even worse, as if that would somehow prove his point regarding the city and the fans. Fans won’t stoop to that level to please him, but he’ll definitely hear the boos.3. The Browns have beaten the Saints and Patriots in the past two weeks; Can this continue against the Jets?

Answer – With the way the Jets have been playing the last two weeks against the Packers and Lions – and the way the Browns have played against top-tier teams like the Saints and Patriots – it’s certainly possible that the Browns could also take down the Jets. I believe this will be a close game, and it will come down to whether or not the Browns can stop the Jets’ passing game or if the Jets can stop Peyton Hillis.4. What’s going on with the QB situation in Cleveland?  Should McCoy play the remainder of the season?

Answer – I was as big an advocate as anybody to make Seneca Wallace the starter when he was healthy, but that was before the Patriots game. Everything in that game indicated to me that this team is better off with McCoy starting the rest of the way. The coaching staff is understandably reluctant to simply call McCoy the starter going forward, but they’re seeing the same games the fans are. They’re aware that McCoy under center gives the Browns the best chance to win, and I think they’ll make the right decision.5. Why is Peyton Hillis playing so well?

Answer – With any successful running back, plenty of credit needs to be given to the offensive line. But Hillis also perfectly fits the type of running game that the Browns want to employ, which is a physical, smash-mouth style of play. Hillis has always been effective in the limited time he has been given, and  he is making the most of his opportunities this season.