Gameplan and predictions for Sunday


Here we go, folks.

You know what’s at stake. 60 minutes to the super bowl.

Get in your lucky chair; get the same food you have eaten for the past two games out; get that lucky shirt out of the dryer.

60 Minutes.

Here’s what needs to be done to win:

1. Stop Peyton Manning. Obvious right?  Let’s break it down a bit. Manning is known for his ability to get to the line, read the defense and call a play accordingly. The Jets need to mix it up when 1) Manning gets to the line and 2) When Manning makes a play call. Confusion is the only way to slow him down. The Jets LBs and safeties are going to be tired after this game but Manning needs to be shown about 100 different looks.

The Colts are having major troubles running the ball this season (1, 100 yard runner in last 11 games).  The Jets should have an extra defender for pass coverage or blitzing. It is crucial that the Jets don’t get sucked in to stopping the running game if Indy has some success in the first quarter.

2. Limit Dallas Clark. With Revis on Wayne, it will be up to Rhodes and Leonhard to slow down Clark. Indy does not have a powerful running game and the Jets need to play a smart, tight game with Clark.

3. Run the ball. We’ve seen it over the last two weeks; Shonn Greene is emerging as the real deal. Keep it up this week and let Greene get into a rhythm. No dumb tigercat plays or reversals. Play an old-fashioned football game and run it down Indy’s throats.

4. Mark Sanchez. They have been saying for two weeks now that Mark Sanchez will have to step up and make plays. For two weeks now the Jets have won by running the ball.  With an offensive line that is cruising right now, Sanchez will have time for quick pass plays and, more importantly, the occasional deep pass to hold back the Colts defense.  Edwards needs to be used for the deep ball even if only for a ploy to open up the running game.

5. Patience. The Jets this postseason have been the model of calm. No matter the situation, the Jets seemed prepared and ready. As for Cincy and San Diego, the pressure was too much.  The Jets need to continue the defensive and running game and simply wear out the Colts.


It seems that games are won and lost this postseason due to INTs. Oddly enough, that fact should hurt the Colts more than the Jets. Manning and the Colts are all about passing right now and by hopefully confusing Manning, the Jets will be able to force an INT or 2. Throw in the defensive genius that is Rex Ryan, and the Jets will be in this game. Throw in the running game that is Shonn Greene and the Jets will prevail.

Jets 20

Colts 17