Gentlemen, start your engines


How sweet it is….

After a season which has seen hope mixed with history topped off with a little attitude, the Jets are in the AFC Championship.

Last nights 17-14 victory against the Chargers exemplified what the Jets are all about this season: They will wear you down with their run, they will keep you alive with their defense, they might make you sweat and bring back bad memories of the past, but in the end, they will prevail.

Despite the Chargers coming out in pregame and telling the Jets that they didn’t belong on the same field as them (something that Bart Scott would later reveal, “agitated us”), the Jets were the dominant team. A perfect defense (described by LaDainian Tomlinson), another solid game by Sanchez, and a dagger to the heart 4th down call in the end to seal the game, are what you witnessed from the Jets.

This Jets team has something that isn’t usually seen in a Gang Green jersey: attitude.

This Jets team has done something that isn’t usually done in a Gang Green jersey: Win two playoff games in the same season. (First time since 1982).

Let’s look at some notes from the game.

1. Shonn Greene. You can’t say enough about this kid. 128 yards (including an Adrian Peterson like 53 yard TD run) seems to be the norm for Greene this year.

2. Third Quarter: After surviving a tough first half (which included some questionable play calling), the Jets tightened up and held the Chargers to 15 yards including 2 big turnovers on back to back INTs by Philip Rivers. Throw in a nice strip sack by Kerry Rhodes (yes, Kerry Rhodes), and the Jets were all over the Chargers in the 3rd quarter.

3. Darrelle Revis and the Defense. Enough can’t be said about Revis. Apparently, Revis approached the Jets coaches after the first half and explained that the zone coverage the Jets were using was not working and man to man was necessary for the second half.  Seemed to work pretty nicely I would say.  A great defensive game was needed against the Chargers pass heavy team and the Jets were ready for the Challenge.

4. Tomlinson looks like he is done, yeah?

5. Thomas Jones has some competition in Greene, yeah?

6. Nice poise by Sanchez in his TD pass to Keller who was wrapped up tighter than a pig in a blanket. 99 out of 100 times the QB throws it into the 10th row, but Sanchez hung in there and threw a perfect pass.

7. That was some bad play-calling in the first half, Schotty. Weird calls. Without having gotten a first down even, the Jets put Sanchez at WR twice, including an option play by Smith in which the Chargers almost buried him six feet under.  Not even a deep pass to mix up the Chargers.

8. Thanks for the catches Braylon Edwards. With the necessity in today’s game to have a big presence at WR, Edwards needs to continue to assert himself and let defenses know the Jets can throw to the ball.

9. Jay Feely continues to be the man.

10. Did Nate Kaeding actually miss 3 FGs?  Kickers are now 0-5 against the Jets this postseason. Amazing.

11. Keep picking against us, Mike Francesa. Early last week, Francesa claimed the Jets actually finished the season 7-7, because as Francesa put it, “those last 2 games shouldn’t count.”

12.  Not sure if the Colts prefer this matchup to the Chargers, but they got it now. Peyton Manning does not get sacked, but the Jets need to figure out a way to cause some havoc and contain Manning and the Colts.

On to Indy. AFC Championship, Sunday at 3pm.