Bring on the Bengals


To get warmed up for Sunday’s hopeful home and home with the Bengals, Jet Press has contacted Mickey Mentzer of, a Cincinnati Bengals fan site, and asked him a few questions in anticipation of Sunday.

1. Which is clicking more this year for the Bengals, Passing or Running?

Whodeyfans: The running game. Cedric Benson recorded the first 1000 yd rushing season in his career and has 6 games where he has run for more than 100yds. The passing game has been terrible.  The loss of Chris Henry really limited the Bengals ability to stretch the field and they have not found a wide receiver that can fill his shoes.

2. Who is the Defensive MVP this year for the Bengals?

Whodeyfans: At the beginning of the year it was Antwan Odom, in the first 4 games he had 8 sacks.  I have really enjoyed watching number 22 Jonathan Joseph play.  He is a consistent corner that you never hear about.  He shuts down whatever wide out he covers and has come up with some big interceptions for the team. Leon Hall on the other side is also an outstanding corner. 3. Is Carson Palmer back yet to his top form?

Whodeyfans: At times. Many times this season he has led the team on end of game drives for the win. Against Pittsburgh and Baltimore they relied on him to make plays when it counted and the Bengals won those games. However, against Kansas City last week Palmer had just over 50 yds for the game in passing mid way through the 4th quarter. The inconsistency of the passing game drives fans nuts.  Palmer only has one 300 yd passing this season.

4. Has Cedric Benson slowed down a bit?

Whodeyfans: I don’t think so. I think the offensive line has slowed a bit, but Cedric Benson is using this season to prove he is a great running back.  He is near 1100 yds for the season and also missed two games. He could have been a 1500 yd back this year.

5. Does Ochocinco really think he can handle Revis?

Whodeyfans: I do think Chad thinks he can handle him.  Maybe he can. However, the twitter and the smack talk is all in fun. Football fans see Chad as a me first loudmouth, but that could not be farther from the truth. He works harder than most wide receivers and he likes to have fun doing it. If Chad and Revis go at it on the field, you will see the respect from Chad any time Revis makes a play. This is just how Chad fires himself up.  Chad is still one of the top wide outs in the game.

Thanks Mickey. Bring your mittens Sunday, should be a cold one.