Teams that should be fighting over Michael Vick including the JETS!


In what has the potential to be the steal of the year, someone is going to get Michael Vick for peanuts. Granted whoever signs him will have somewhat of a PR hit, but the second he makes a few people miss, all will be forgiven. The man paid his debt to society and has no choice but to be on his best behavior after severing his relationship with the commissioner. If Vick is even 80% of what he was when he left the league, he’ll be the best backup in the league… at worst. Here are the teams that should be heavily involved in grabbing Vick.


Washington Redskins

I’m surprised Dan Snyder wasn’t sending Vick gift baskets while in the can. With this looking like a make or break year for Jim Zorn, plus an unhappy Redskins pursuit of Mark Sanchez, Washington would be the perfect fit for Michael Vick. The D.C. fans would embrace the former VA Tech star with open arms as they would finally get some speed on the squad. Even if Vick was a situational player, he would make a huge impact for the Skins in the NFC East which hasn’t seen much of the “Wildcat” in that division. Clinton Portis already spoke up for Vick when this situation first happened. Dan Snyder hasn’t been shy before, no reason to start now.

St. Louis Rams-

Michael Vick on turf… Marc Bulger, always on the turf. Need I say more. The Rams are one of the most intriguing spots for Michael Vick. Having a run first attitude like Steve Spagnuolo would be perfect for Vick. The remnants of the greatest show on turf took a nose dive and could use a shot in the arm. Steven Jackson and Michael Vick in the backfield scares me more than than Bulger and Jackson. Another no brainer for the Rams’ brass. When Marc Bulger goes down again this year, your choices are Kyle Boller or Michael Vick… hmmmm.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman is presumed the future of the Bucs. I personally think he’s going to be special, as long as the Bucs give him a chance to learn. Michael Vick would be a nice complement to Derrick Ward in the backfield. Don’t think the NFC South opponents won’t remember what Vick did to them on a regular basis. Seeing Vick vs. the Falcons twice a year would be Prime Time material as well, which brings me to my next point.

Carolina Panthers– An other NFC South squad that should gunning to bring in Vick. The Panthers are built to be a run first/defensive minded team, which fits Vick perfectly. Could you imagine seeing Michael Vick, Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams lined up in the backfield with Steve Smith in motion.  How about seeing Delhomme, Vick and one of the two headed monster next to them? Who do you go after? Williams and Stewart were dominant last year, which certainly freed things up for Delhomme. Bringing in a weapon like Vick, even if it takes him a while to get into football shape, can only help.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills fans showed up to the airport to give Terrell Owens a hero’s welcome. The media circus is already in town, why not eliminate their travel? The Bills are already on somewhat of an island with the T.O. signing, they might as well push their chips in. Michael Vick would just add to T.O., not to mention it makes a lot of football sense. The Bills are going to be facing some of the toughest defenses in the league this year and having a wildcard like Vick in the backfield could be just what they need.

Put it this way, I hope the Jets don’t have to see Vick in the AFC East for the next 5 years, unless he’s in Green, which again brings me to my next point.


The Jets need to sign Vick if for no other reason than to keep him out of the rest of the division’s hands. Vick would be a dangerous addition to Rex’s group. Brian Schottenheimer could easily find a spot for Vick on this offense, which by the way, clearly lacks any kind of speed and explosiveness. Leon Washington is the only guy anyone worries about going the distance. Look, we all know Mark Sanchez is the QB of the future, but this could clearly help Clemens and/or this year. Not to mention the addition by subtraction from the rest of the division is well worth the shot. The man has served his time and will be on his best behavior, with a chip on his shoulder, for the rest of his career. Hey Woody, do you want a chance to sell those PSL’s after getting screwed by Favre? Here’s your chance. He’s young, he’s cheap, and he didn’t shoot himself in the leg, wearing sweatpants, with an illegal firearm, which is pending trial in your city. GO GET HIM! IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

Other teams that almost made the list…

San Francisco 49ers– Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, or Michael Vick… I wonder what Frank Gore is thinking?

Baltimore Ravens– Did you see Joe Flacco streaking down the sidelines as a receiver last year…:) Baltimore lacks a true playmaker on the edge and Vick in the right situation is just one other way to make them more dangerous.

The bottom line is Michael Vick made a terrible mistake. He’s paid his debt to society and deserves a chance to make up for his mistakes. I think we all would like a chance to make up for our mistakes, whether it’s in the public eye or not. Michael Vick was a phenom in this league, and is still young enough to make a positive impact. Someone’s gonna strike gold.