Sanchez walks into perfect situation…


It’s taken me a couple of days to digest how I really feel about the Jets move to grab Sanchez. Originally I was dead set against it and here’s why.

#1. He only started 16 games in college all of which came against mid tier defensive competition.

#2. As a highly rated high school QB, he stepped into the USC locker room and was beat out for the starting job by Matt Leinart & John David Booty.

#3. The asking price to move up into the top 8 picks would surely cost an arm and a leg while the Jets still have depth needs at RB, WR, QB, and O-Line.

#4. They pulled a stunt last year to sell PSL’s for with the new stadium, and wound up leading the league in INTs, while Pennington kick our ass.

With that said, I’ve had a chance to go back and watch Sanchez games at USC and his workout at the Combine and I’m starting to think the Jets made a good move and here’s why.

Pete Carroll rarely will give the reigns to a young guy. Sanchez paid his dues and was way better than the two aforementioned USC gunners this past season. Plus the word out of USC is that he is the best QB they’ve had since Palmer.

Regardless of the competition he faced, he still delivered in a pro style offense. I don’t think the Jets will make him throw too often which should allow him the opportunity to learn. Plus, it seems like Clemens will get the reigns for at least a brief amount of time.

As far as the price paid for this move, I was convinced we would need to give up a 1st round pick next year to move, especially being the whole league knew Tannenbaum wanted too. Luckily our boy Mangini threw us a bone and we came out of this thing with no future damage. The Coleman move will need to be addressed, but I think that can happen.

The depth was filled at all the positions except for WR. In a run first, that need becomes less valuable. I still think they’ll bring in a WR & a blocking TE too so Keller can be an option in the air. The Jets did pickup, J’Nathan Bullock, a basketball player out of Cleveland State to try at TE, so maybe there’s some potential in him.

The Shonn Green move was the best thing they could’ve done on draft day. I’ve said in previous posts that Green is the guy we NEED. The Jets have been lacking that pile pusher for a while. Green is a Jersey kid that will flourish behind the bruisers in front. Whether it was the Big Ben Steelers or Flacco’s Ravens, each had 3 change of pace backs to take the pressure off the young QB.

O-Line was then addressed as well with one of Callahan’s boys, Matt Slauson… well done.

The bottom line on Sanchez is he is gym rat and will hopefully live up to all our expectations. He’s done and said all the right things so far. I’m buying in… good things to come!  

Side Note: The Jets FINALLY released Brett Favre. Minnesota… let the bidding begin!