The Draft approaches….


With the 2009 NFL Draft approaching, the Jets have a tough decision to make. They are looking at a couple of options in the 1st round. The Jets biggest concerns are in no specific order, QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DE OLB. OK, I lied, the offensive positions in that list are the biggest concerns. The Jets need some extra competition at the QB position. Josh Freeman, who might be the biggest gamble in this draft is certainly worth a shot if he’s at the top of Mike T.’s list. While I like Brandon Pettigrew & some of the other WR’s, could you really see the Jets taking another TE in the first round? How about a WR from MD? Freeman seems like the obvious selection. The Jets are close to being really good and Freeman has the biggest upside in this years draft. Freeman hasn’t had a chance in college to show his real potential. Besides Jordy Nelson, he hasn’t had a supporting cast to allow him to display his skills. Freeman has spent the last few years avoiding the pass rush to allow his receivers to get open. The Jets are going to pound the run, which should protect one of their young QB’s as long as they can stretch the field.

WHILE I THINK THE JETS SMARTEST MOVE WOULD BE TO TRADE DOWN THIS YEAR, my guess is Freeman will be the pick. I can’t get too mad because I like Freeman, but I’ll go on record to say they should move down if possible. I don’t think it will happen, so I’ll get my Freeman jersey asap.

Freeman would be a big risk in Round 1, but probably has the most potential as anyone in the draft. Besides Freeman, I’ve been a big fan of Percy Harvin in the first round, even as a reach, until recent developments which unfortunately will scare the Jets away (he’ll do big things).

In the second round, the Jets should be able to focus on Jared Cook or Kenny Britt.

Round 3 will depend on their pickup in Round 2. If the Jets happen to land Jared Cook, my guess is they will target Louis Murphy (WR Florida) in the 3rd. If they land Kenny Britt at that spot, I would suspect a push to get Shonn Greene.

Obviously all these players in this draft are dependent on previous picks, but here’s some more picks I like for the Jets to target for the rest of the weekend.

Round 4: Javon Ringer, Ramses Barden and Richard Quinn… besides that, it’s too tough to predicts after the first 4 are complete. The rest will depend on the talent left over per position.

The Jets have done a great job preparing themselves for a brutal schedule. I like the makeup of this team to fight this one out. Offense is where they need to go for the future… enjoy!!!