Jets got a need for speed!!!


With the draft pending the Jets have a major need for speed. While I think the Jets will grab Josh Freeman in the first round, I’ve said since day one I think they should go after Percy Harvin. The Jets have 6 picks in the upcoming draft and while I love Freeman’s upside we do have 3 QB’s in house. If the Jets like Freeman though, I wouldn’t be hurt. One of our current arms would be on the block. There are a lot of teams in need of a QB and we have some nice young ones. With that said, if they are happy with the current group, they need to focus on speed!

The running game and defense will be the focus of the team. This means the offense needs to stay on the field and move the chains to give those guys on defense a chance to rest. The most glaring weakness the offense had last year, besides leading the league in INT’s, was the fact that Leon Washington was the only Jet that could really turn nothing into something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Cotchery fan. Cotchery is one of the most underrated WR’s in the NFL. The fact remains the Jets could use someone on the other side who is a homerun threat. I’m not talking about someone who can neccessarily beat everyone deep. I’m talking about the guy who is a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball, a’ la Leon!

So besides Josh Freeman, there are only two options in my mind. Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin. So let’s look at some pro’s and con’s.

Maclin has amazing speed is shifty enough for everyone to worry. He also has return ability which is obviously a bonus. The unfortunate truth is that kids that come out of the spread offense like Missouri tend to struggle with running routes in the pro’s, especially early. Maclin does have all the intangibles and would obviously be nice weapon across from JC.

Harvin on the other hand is not as quick on a straight line, but has the ability to make people miss and is also a threat to go the distance on every possession. He is built like a brickhouse which will also help him overpower DB’s. While he also came from a spread offense, I personally think he is the man that would fit in the best in Schottenheimer’s system. He’s not afraid to block or go over the middle, which is a big deal on the pro level. He fought to come back from injury to play in the championship game in college which shows his work ethic and desire. Plus he’s from the Hampton Roads, VA area where I currently own a house. Great football players down there. The con on Harvin is I’m not sure he can neccessarily stretch defenses on the pro level.

Bottom line is both these guys would be welcome additions in my book. I don’t think Heyward-Bey is built for the Schottenheimer’s precision O. He would be better off in a vertical passing attack.

We’re only a few weeks away! I can’t wait!