Free Agent Friday comin’ up!!!


For the second consecutive season, Gang Green has poised themselves for a major free agency splash. In the last few days the Jets have done a nice job clearing up room to make some major improvements on this roster. Chris Baker and Brandon Moore will likely be off to new sites unless they come back for a discount, plus Kerry Rhodes and Calvin Pace have restructured their deals to make more cap room for the upcoming season.

It’s no secret that Rex Ryan would love to bring over some Ravens to the Jets roster. Bart Scott & Jim Leonhard are the Jets most likely targets to fill the presumptive holes at linebacker & safety respectively. Rex Ryan didn’t include Eric Barton & Abram Elam in his discussion about next years defensive starters… coincidence?

The Offensive line depth looks to me as one of the most important positions to fill in this draft/FA period. If Moore is gone for good, the Jets are slim as far as their depth on the line and will rely on it heavily this season. The Combine has shown some talented big guys, some that could possibly fall!

If there is one thing I can give this organization credit for recently it’s their willingness to go the extra mile and get the guys they desire. They’ve made an effort to move up in drafts for their guys… i.e. Revis, Harris, Keller. They’ve also did a great job in last year’s free agent market bringing in character guys like Pace, Jenkins, Faneca & Richardson.

Here’s my personal opinion in this whole situation… (in no specific order… #6 might be the most important!!!)

1. The Jets need to focus on improving the defense through free agency. Scott and Leonhard would be great moves.

2. Offensively, the Jets desperately need improve their depth on the offensive line through any means necessary. The likelihood of getting through another year injury free is slim to none… Big Time need!

3. Thomas Jones is turning 30, and as much as I think he’s a great guy, if Moreno is available at 17, get him. He’s a Jersey guy and will be a superstar.

4. Let the QB’s battle it out… There are no viable free agents this year at the position + it’s a weak QB draft in my opinion. I don’t see any franchise guys, besides Stafford… maybe…

5. We can use our 4th round magic on a WR… this year’s class is very deep and we can get good value on day 2…

6. (Possibly the most important!!!) Kris Jenkins is a monster and if healthy is tops in the league. Unfortunately the bottom line is the Jets need a backup at that position. Jenkins should be tops in the league if he can catch his breath during the season. The Jets need to have some meat in the middle to learn from Kris. They will need to determine if Pouha is that guy.

This should be an interesting few weeks… We might as well enjoy it now!!! Hope baby!!!