Week 4: THE AARP BOWL!!!


Reports are that Brett Favre will be fine to start this Sunday at home against the Cardinals! That leaves the starting QB’s for this contest at a combined age of 75 years old! Anybody got Vinny’s number just in case?

Unfortunately for the Jets, they are at a distinct disadvantage in this game. The Cardinals stayed on the East Coast to practice after their loss to the Redskins. The Jets, on the other hand, have made the coast to coast trip back to NJ, and only have a short week to prepare!

The general consensus among Jet Fans seems to be if the team can go into the Week 5 bye with a 2-2 mark, they will be in good position to make a run. Most teams play the season as a 4 quarter game. Each 4 games comprise 1 quarter of the season. If the Jets finish the first quarter tied after playing the Pats & Chargers, I think we all would consider it a mini victory.

Chris Mortenson spoke this morning about Brett Favre on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” and stated that “Brett doesn’t seem to have his legs under him”. He went on to state that Favre obviously didn’t have a traditional offseason where he was working out or lifting weights, which is even more important for the older guys in the league. This was another reason why some of us questioned this move.

With that said, he is a Jet now and it’s up to the coaches and the supporting cast to lift him up until he is up to speed and back in shape. I’ve been harping on the Jets to pound the ball to keep the game off Favre’s shoulders. They need to win with the running game, defense, and special teams. They gave into the media on Monday Night! If there was a silver lining to the beating they took in San Diego, it’s that now all these people who have been clamoring for the fantasy football Brett Favre, will realize that’s not reality.

I love the fact that Favre took the blame! That’s something you really respect about this guy and expect from a leader! He said since day 1 that he is old and feels it, but we’ve already seen flashes of brilliance and I’m sure the best is yet to come. The NY media has put to much pressure on the Jets to open it up and throw the ball all over the field. That makes no sense. It didn’t before Monday Night, and it doesn’t now. The Jets simply aren’t built with speedy wideouts. They are built with possession receivers that can block well to aid in the running attack. Luckily, Brett was able to reinvent himself last year into a game manager, and that’s exactly what he needs to be here. We may not have Pro-Bowler’s in the backfield, but we sure have potential to have them on the offensive line!!! Thomas Jones (who has been to a Superbowl) and Leon Washington should find holes behind these guys, and once the line starts running down hill, it will limit the defensive pressure on Favre when he does have to throw. This will allow him more time to make the right decision! It’s a simple formula, Mangini & Schottenheimer just need to stick to their guns.

Moving forward, the Jets need to scratch and claw their way to a win this weekend at home and then they’ll have two weeks to prepare for the next quarter of the season.

By the way, the next quarter of the season features Cincinnati, Oakland & Kansas City before heading to an all important match up with Buffalo! I still believe in my heart that these guys can make this season special. I still think Favre has the drive to get himself where he needs to be to lead this team. I have faith that the coaching staff will do what they know is right. We have a lot of good players on this team and they need to play to their strengths!

Side Note: I said before the season started that I believed Kris Jenkins was the most important offseason move we made this year (more important than Favre). Jenkins had been playing like a pro bowl until his back gave out on Monday Night. Going forward, this will be the most important player to watch!!! He commands a double team on every play and allows the pass rushers 1-on-1 opportunities! Let’s hope they can keep him healthy!!!