The NY Brett’s look confused!!!


I honestly thought the day the Jets signed Brett Favre that they were making a huge mistake. I thought Chad Pennington knew this offense better than anyone else, and would now finally have an offensive line and some extra weapons around him to make a push.

With that said, it doesn’t matter who was under center for this game. This was a total team let down! I won’t put any blame on Brett Favre for this loss despite what some people are saying. I thought for the most part, Favre played a good game and having him in the lineup does force defenses to play honest! I think Favre has played virtually mistake free this year which is what the Jets need him to do. The fact remains he hasn’t had enough time to digest the entire playbook which cripples the offensive play calling. This was a complete let down by the entire team. They drove down the field with ease on the opening drive of the game and when Jay Feely missed a 31 yard field goal, everyone in Jets nation knew that ultimately, this just wasn’t our day!

The bottom line is if the Jets can’t create a 1 yard push to get in the end zone 3 plays in a row, then they deserve to be second class. I absolutely agree with the play calling, but I’m extremely disappointed in the execution. The coaching staff was trying to make a statement. Championship caliber teams punch the ball in the end zone! As of right now, the Jets have a long way to go before they are legitimately in the conversation to overtake Buffalo or New England in the division.

What does this game mean for the season? It simply means the Jets players now know that they have a lot of work ahead of them. When Tom Brady went down, everyone automatically crowned the Jets the AFC East Champs. Now we know they will need to bring much more to the field to compete with the elite teams in this league. I didn’t see any excitement from the Jets yesterday. I thought the performance lacked drive and emotion. I thought the offense, defense and special teams all looked tight as if they were scared to make a play. I’m not sure if they were confused by the Pats scheme’s, or if they still just lack chemistry.

Either way, they need to shake this off as just one loss. The fact remains they are 1-1 in the division and now head to a really tough Monday night match up with a Chargers team who is extremely angry. I’ve said since day 1 they need to head into the Week 5 bye with a 2-2 mark. They have the Cardinals at home in week 4. They need to find a way to grab one of these two games to have a shot the rest of the way.

The coaching staff needs to find a way to get these guys to loosen up. The whole team looks confused! No one out there looks confident in what they are doing. The veterans need to pull these guys together and impose their will on these games! They need a strong effort next Monday night in San Diego to put some swagger in their steps! This is going to be a long 7 days!