Jets Fire Mangini


That will be the headline if Mangenius doesn’t start resembling more of an actual genius and less of a Sopranos guest star – and I’m a Mangini fan. The coaching staff has done an awful job so far this season. Let me repeat that: An awful job. Mangini seems to have mastered only one thing as a head coach, a frustrated scowl. Enough already Mangini. Start taking control of the situation. How does this team make so many dumb mistakes? Dumb penalties? (Now I mean real penalties and not the bone-headed referee manufactured offensive pass interference on Cotchery or the gentlest roughing the passer penalty I have ever seen on Pace). I am so sick and tired of hearing about how Coles hasn’t developed a rapport with Favre. Get over it and do the job. What is there to develop? He’s not learning a new position, skill, or anything new for that matter. I’m sick of hearing about Favre not being up to speed. That is not what is making the Jets look so bad. It is the coaches job to have the team ready.

How will this team score when it does not utilize the few weapons the Jets have on offense? One catch for Dustin Keller? That is inexcusable. Leon Washington must be involved more. He MUST have more plays and touch the ball more. That isn’t even a question, it is a must. Even Chansi Stuckey has looked very good. Target him more. To sum up, you traded for Brett Favre? Well than for god’s sake let him throw the ball! Air it out! What is this team waiting for? Favre to retire again? The window is closing with him. Let Favre throw 35 passes a game. Nobody is going to worry about Favre if you are just running up the gut all the time (3 straight times on the goal line Schotty? Really?!?!?)

I can’t pat the defense on the back too hard either. We were up against Matt Cassel and LaMont Jordan. And they played mistake free. They couldn’t even rattle a QB who hasn’t played since high school in their own home opener.

If things don’t change and change fast Mangini will be gone after this season and Brian Schottenheimer will be wishing he had accepted the only head coaching offer he may ever receive after year one of Mangini era. It is still plenty early in the season but if the Jets could not beat the Brady-less Patriots at home, for the home opener, with Brett Favre & Co. how will they ever even make it to the playoffs let alone win a playoff game? If not for one Brett Favre hail mary to Jerricho Cotchery this team could very well be 0-2.