JETS Win Despite Kicking Woes!!!


This game was the proto-typical Jets-Dolphins match up!!! It made absolutely no sense, yet the result was very much predictable. Who would’ve thought Chad Pennington would launch 43 passes, and Brett Favre would only let 22 go? At least we all could predict that Kellen Clemens would be kicking field goals on the sideline, while the combination of Ricky and Ronnie couldn’t get off the ground! ?

And of course, the game came down to a box out in the back of the end zone with a 1 handed snag by Darrelle Revis!!! Like I said before, the rivalry with the Dolphins is always one to be worried about. The Dolphins as a whole looked as solid as I thought they would, and the Jets play calling was fairly predictable. Luckily for us, I thought this game was a trap game and the Jets still escaped with the win.

I was extremely encouraged by Thomas Jones in this game even though I thought the play calling was still predictable. I’m hoping as the season goes on, and these guys pick up more familiarity with each other, they will open things up so that Jones will have more lanes and opportunities to get things done. All in all, we all have to feel a sense of relief getting out of Miami with a W. I thought the defense looked great in it’s first action, while Mike Nugent was right on cue in letting us down. I’m not sure what the heck is going on with that situation, but the Jets can ill afford to take too many chances with an unreliable kicker. Nugent needs to get his mind right this week and forget the miss. We need him and will support him, but he needs to suck it up and block out the fans. Seriously Nug… get in your routine and kick the D#@N ball. If you miss it, fine, but we need you out there regardless… don’t give up!!!

Now the gloves are off as the Jets will be full steam ahead as live contenders for the AFC East Title now that Karma has caught up with Billecheat and the Brady Bums!!! Reports out of New England state that Tom Brady has a torn ACL and will be out for the rest of the season. In all seriousness, no one wants to see an injury to a class act like Tom Brady, but we can all hear opportunity knockin’ and it’s time to answer the bell!!! Jets fans need to save their voices for the home opener against the Pats next week!!! This game will be as tough as any, regardless of who is under center! We’ve dodged the first bullet of the year, it’s time to put on the confidence suit for the next two weeks and go to work!!!

Unfortunately for the Jets Bets, we lost out on 10 ounces of crumbled Blue Cheese as Carson Palmer and the Bengals laid an egg… Luckily we were right on point with the Titans taking out the Jags so the damage was limited… Week 1 is always crazy which is why such a little amount was at risk! Next week we’ll take out the Chef!