Lets get one thing straight before I start, I love cheese. I’m talking Mozzarella, American, Gouda, Muenster, whatever! If I had to live on one thing for the rest of my life, it would be pasta salad with loads of cheese, and if you made me choose… then hold the pasta!!! That is why it is easy to understand how important it is for me to accumulate extra cheese every weekend which is why this weekly segment is no joke! I will hit up the Fridge each and every week until the season is over and by the end of the season, hopefully we’ll have enough cheese for a really expensive bottle of wine to go with it!

Of course we will break down the current weeks Jets matchup on Saturday or Sunday where I’ll explain my thoughts on how Gang Green should attack each opponent. I’ve already have my mind made up on the Dolphins, but we’ll get to that before game time. For now, let’s eat!!!

Week 1 of each NFL season is nearly impossible to predict for the men in the kitchen which is why we can hopefully take advantage of their mistakes. Each season is so different which is why many people are left scratching their heads on a week to week basis. I’ve now spent 9 years researching this topic and there are a few things that can help your average guy beat the chef! Home Field, Injuries, Past results, Strengths vs. Weakness’, Weather and Karma from the football gods are all factors in how much spread you choose to put on your crackers! Let’s not eat too much before we get a better look at the league this year!


20 Slices of Cheese on Cincinnati -1.5 @ Baltimore… Really? Carson Palmer vs. Joe Flacco. Ocho Cinco & Houshyourmamma or Mason and Heap? Look, I know Cincinnati has had it’s problems in years past, but this team is too talented to lose to the Ravens. The Ravens are going no where fast. Cincinnati doesn’t have a great defense, but when you can put 9 in the box against a line that no longer has Jonathan Ogden, then the project from Delaware is gonna find himself running for his life. It looks like his backfield mate will be Ray Rice. As much as I love the kid (GO RUTGERS), we’re talking about 2 rookies anchoring a backfield that needs to keep up with an attack that now has a healthy Chris Perry, a reinstated Chris Henry, and an underrated Ben Utecht as contributers. Not gonna happen!

10 Shakes of Parmesan on Tennessee +3 vs. Jacksonville… You know that every time someone goes into a season with all sorts of hype, they end up losing game 1. This years targets are Jacksonville and Minnesota, everyone’s sexy pick. Well, I don’t like the matchup here for Jacksonville against the Titans who are a live home dog. The Titans defense is stout and they are extremely well coached. The Jags lost Marcus Stroud in the offseason and I’m expecting them to have at least a few games where they are making adjustments to replace him. Tennesse is better than we all think. Vince Young is a winner and with Alge Crumpler as a legitimate threat and the speed of rookie Chris Johnson, I think the Titans can pull off the outright win here. The Jags are turning into the Bengals of the South with 11 arrests in the past few years, not to mention the tragedy that struck this past week with the shooting of Richard Collier. Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams are Questionable for the game, while Mojo Drew is probable. This is one of those gut feelings, Titans win or come within the number in a slugfest.

Besides that, I will place some melted cheese in a bowl to dip pretzels in until next week… Here are the rest of my thoughts.

  • Jets -3 @ Miami… Very Scary, I’ll break it down soon!!!
  • Pats -15.5 vs. KC… It will be closer than most think, but Pats win by 17.
  • Texans +6.5 @ Pittsburgh… D-line will give Big Ben fits without Faneca to protect.
  • Lions -3 @ Atlanta… Falcons score some points, but Megatron Dominates!
  • Seattle +1 @ Buffalo… The Hass throws 40 times and a FG wins it!!!
  • Saints -3 vs. Tampa… Surprisingly low scoring game, Saints push.
  • Rams +8 @ Philly… Philly builds big lead… St. Louis comes within the number in garbage time!!!
  • Browns +6 vs. Dallas… See Rams & Eagles…
  • Carolina +9 vs. Chargers… John Fox coaching for his job, Chargers feel they’re owed something.
  • Cardinals -2.5 @ 49ers… The year of the Cardinal, probably not, but J.T. O’Sullivan?
  • Indy -9.5 vs. Bears… If it wasn’t for Jeff Saturday’s injury, I’d put my whole Fridge on this game!!!
  • Packers -2.5 vs. Vikings… Yup, too much hype for Minnesota right now. This game grounds ’em!
  • Raiders +3 vs. Denver… Raiders match up well for this one! Raiders pound it for a Monday Night W!

Good Luck Folks!!! Enjoy the snack!!!