You were my boys Blue!


Up next for Gang Green is a matchup with neighboring Big Blue. Since the end of the ’07 regular season we’ve seen the Giants front four tee-off on opposing QB’s. Tampa flat out couldn’t hang. Dallas abandonded the run and Romo went down. Green Bay abandonded the run and Favre went down. New England abandoned the run and Brady went down. Now, most recently, Cleveland left Derek Anderson out to dry and the Giants delivered him a brain bruise!

While I’d love to see Favre in the shotgun zinging the ball around the field, the way to build some confidence for this newly constructed O-Line is to get them running down hill. I want to see Faneca, D’Brick, Mangold, Moore and Woody strap it up and put a helmet on these guys. It will take some time to loosen things up, but offensive lineman like to run so that’s what the Jets should do this weekend.

Recently, we heard Brandon Jacobs talk a little smack about all the excitement surrounding the Jets, but the guys in Green have done nothing but sing Big Blue’s praises. The Post’s Mark Cannizzaro quoted Tony Richardson, “If you look at the Giants and what they were able to accomplish last year, they were the best. They’re the champions. You want to be able to go out and work against the best and play against the best. “Their front four is phenomenal. Any one of those guys could have been up for MVP of the Super Bowl. They took over the game. It’s going to be a good task for us and it’s going to be a good measuring point for us.”

Mangini also had good things to say,

“They’re very good, they cause a lot of problems [and] it’s not just the front [four]. The front is one set of problems. They do a lot of stuff in terms of their zone-blitzes package.

The types of zone blitz are not all just the post safety-zone blitzes. There’s some split-safety cover-two, there’s some split-safety cover-four.

[The task] is going to be blocking their four and then blocking the different combinations from the secondary and linebackers that they’re going to have to adjust to.”

Even though this is preseason and doesn’t mean much, this is the last chance for the starters to play significant time. My hope is that the Jets attack these guys, get ’em on their heels and let Favre do his thing off play action and his pattened 3 step drop. This is the marquee matchup and the one everyone will be evaluating.

What could be more telling for the Jets this year is how the Defense will hold up against the a power running game such as the one the Giants possess. The last few years the Jets have looked down right embarrasing against the run. I know everyone has the excuse that their personel was built for a 4-3 and not Mangini’s 3-4, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these guys in the right position and they’ve failed to make the tackle.

Plus, there is no excuse with the speed in this league for an abundance of solo tackles. There needs to be 11 green jersey’s flying around on every play.

On Saturday night, my eyes will be on No. 56! My plea to Gholston is this: We know your playing a new position. We know you might get confused with some of the reads and responsibilities. As far us fans our concerned, who cares? You’re a rookie and that’s to be expected. What we want to see is you to make a decision (right or wrong) and commit to it 100%. We want to see some fire and and an edge to whatever you do out there. If you get beat, fine, but don’t jog… hit somebody and hit ’em hard!

Finally, the Giants need to know that there is a special place for them in our hearts. While I’ve loathed the Giants my whole life, by knocking out Brady and the Pats last year, they became our boys at least for that day. You know Mangini popped some champagne as he watched Belicheck walk off that field a LOSER!!! With that said, it’s the last time we’ll root for the Giants! The Jets started building momentum last week and with a good showing on Saturday, that will continue. Get ’em Green!!!