And A Brett Will Lead Them


I think it is safe to say with regard to the New York Jets, “Will the real Brett please stand up?” It may be early but speculating is the most fun a Jets fan has had for the past 40 years so when we said Brett Favre would be a Jet weeks ago it should not come as a surprise to our readers to say that Brett Ratliff will be the next in line. That’s right. Brett squared. Two Brett’s, A Girl, And A Pizza Place. Brett’s Company. Who’s The Brett? The Brett Couple. (I’m thinking of naming my first kid Brett now). I just don’t see the sense of urgency in Kellen Clemens to reach up and grab a job that was handed to him. Everything was done by the team to try and let Kellen Clemens win this job. They were even rooting for him. The Jets even manged to somehow get the Pope — the Pope!!! — to bless his kid. But in the end the guy just didn’t seem to want it bad enough and no matter how much Ron Jaworski loved the pick it is starting to look like Clemens may be headed down the bust-brick road.

Brett Ratliff however looks the part. He is 6’4″ and 235. He doesn’t come from a slouch program either. Utah ain’t USC but it ain’t exactly Marshall either (Sorry Chad). Ratliff has impressed the staff and looked incredible in the preseason opener and as much as Jets fans can’t wait to see Brett the headliner I’m sure just as many can’t wait to see Brett the undercard as well. I know I haven’t been this excited about our Brett of the future since Browning Nagle threw for 366 against the Atlanta Falcons back in the day.

Now on to the I’ve Got A Bone To Pick With You portion of our program. ESPN loves to bite the hand that feeds them. They were loving all the Brett coverage and content yet now decide to kick dirt in not only Brett’s face but the face of all Jets fans everywhere first with little nebbish John Clayton and now by giving some hack named DJ Gallo – I know it sounds like he’s spinning on a turntable at Z100’s Jingle Ball – a platform to spew his Brett hate. These anti-Brettite’s are not journalists. They’re not sports reporters. They are whiny op-ed bloggers no different than you or I. But at least if you’re going to spout your message of Brett hate have the deceny to stick to a recognizable scrub like Clayton instead of trotting out this schnook minor leaguer Gallo. If you want to truly be amazed at how poorly someone can write and yet still be published by a major player like ESPN than click here. If you’d rather take my word for it and save yourself from falling asleep at your PC and risking severe head trauma from crashing into your monitor than do what I should have done and leave DJ Gallo where he belongs…lost in cyberspace.