New Places, Brett’s Faces!!!


Since day 1 of this Brett Favre saga, I’ve been a staunch believer that the Gunslinging mentality of Brett Favre was the worst possible fit for the Jets . It seemed like the whole offseason this organization was building a team predicated on running the ball and playing solid defense. I’ve thought this whole time, that a game manager like Pennington would thrive in this offense, while a Brett Favre would turn the ball over too much to overtake a mistake free Patriots. Besides that, the the first time I heard the “experts” say that he wasn’t interested in Gang Green because they couldn’t win now, my thoughts were screw him then! Then I saw his first press conference in Cleveland, and thought to myself, he looks like he’s gonna cry! All he talked about was his legacy in Green Bay, Green Bay was his first choice, and that he’s making no guarantees. Looking into his eyes, I thought this looks like a kid who has been shipped off to summer camp or a new school and had to be dragged kicking and screaming. He couldn’t even put on a believable fake smile so that the media wouldn’t kill him. When he held up the jersey for the first time, I read his mind to say, “What the heck am I doing here?”  That’s right, I read minds:)

Like all young kids or kids at heart, he started to look more comfortable the second the other guys started talking with him.  He was in his comfort zone, slinging the rock on the sideline and talking to his backups about the offense. By the end of the night, even though he still looked uncomfortable, he had a real smile on his face and looked ready to strap it up. All the Green Bay fans I’ve talked to so far have told me that regardless of how he felt when he got here, when he’s between the white lines he will be leading this team like the Hall of Fame QB that we’ve been missing for 30+ years. All the reports out of the locker room are that the rest of the guys are extremely excited. I’m now starting to think that the mesh of new veterans like T. Rich, Fanaca, and Jenkins, along with the quality guys we already had in the locker room could help Brett ease into this group and turn ’08 into a magical season. I’m still skeptical about how he will deal with Manigini ball, which is compounded by the brutal beginning to the season! Seeing Pennington in Miami Week 1, then tackling the Pats and Chargers back to back is going to be tough. It is extremely important to come out of that initial stretch with some confidence and signs of life. If that happens, this 38 year old kid might give us what we’re all hoping for, some real smiles!

Favre should get his first reps today in practice!!! I’m buying in, get cha popcorn ready!!!