Favre On The Way?


To save the day? The rumors are swirling more fast and more furious than they were around draft time. Firts he says he doesn’t want to play for teh Jets than he says he may take the Packers $20 mil to stay retired and now after early reports today that Brett Favre was headed to Tampa Bay, the New York Jets could be on the verge of landing one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

If they do pull off the improbable let me start the applause early. You cannot pass on the chance to acquire a player of Favre’s caliber and to think he’d be a “diva” or “distraction” as I have heard bandied about in describing Favre now is utter lunacy. The fact that the Jets are so close and so deep into negotiations at this point tells you all you need to know about the team’s faith in Kellen Clemens. They already know what Chad Pennington brings to the table. A player with more guts than ability at this stage of his career and more shoulder surgeries than playoff wins.

In other news, Chris Baker is back to playing tight end in training camp but new toy Dustin Keller is the star of camp so far. Keller should be a tremendous weapon on offense while fellow rookie classmate Dwight Lowery might be the Kerry Rhodes of this year’s draft. He is looking good and may pay instant dividends in the defensive backfield on dime and nickel packages to start before he may earn himself a larger role.

Also of serious note is the improved play of punter Ben Graham. The Jets looked to be all but certain to replace Graham — possibly with recent camp exile Jeremy Kapinos — but it looks like Graham has nailed down the starting gig, and in style, as evidenced by his recent 86 yard punt in camp. G’day mate!

In some increasingly concerning camp news ILB David Harris continues to sit out with a mysterious leg injury and Jesse Chatman has yet to practice as well. Harris is a necessity the Jets cannot afford to lose and it is imperative he gets better in a hurry so he can quarterback the new defense.

And finally, someone is giving the Jets some credit  (finally!) whereas most in the media just like to kick sand in the Jets faces no matter what they do to try and improve. At least in this report card the Jets are one of only a handful of teams to get an A.