Jets Want A Big Mac


Hickory dickory dock, the Jets are on the clock…what will the clock strike? Nobody knows yet but we will soon enough. It is the BEST time of year to be a diehard fan of the National Football League because draftniks of the world will once again unite next weekend at Radio City Music Hall. The site has become the mecca for all things NFL Draft related and the pilgrimmage is on.

The intrigue is starting to brew as now is when rumors start to swirl atop the draft board – who will the Dolphins take? Will the Bengals trade all the way up to 2? Will the Chiefs trade franchise DE Jared Allen for a king’s ransom? How far will Matt Ryan fall and who trades up to nab him? And these are just the subplots that we’re aware of! The New York Jets are no stranger to creating Draft shockwaves and sound bytes. Just last year the Jets traded up to the 14th overall pick to select CB Darrelle Revis — a move that looks like a winner. They also traded up again in the second round to get tackling machine David Harris from Michigan to replace the sputtering Jonathan Vilma. Harris was a home run and nearly became defensive rookie of the year while not cracking the starting lineup until after the 6th game of the season.

This year is no different. What will the Jets do? Do they trade up? Very possible. Do they stand pat and pick the best available player be it Darren McFadden, Vernon Gholston or somebody else? More possible. Do they trade down if their is gone and the Matt Ryan sweepstakes begins? Also hard to dispute. The Draft is wide open for the Jets and their offseason actions are only adding to the confusion.

Are the Jets really McLovin McFadden? It would appear so with the attention they have heaped on him. Most would call that a smoke screen right before the Draft. A little misdirection if you will. The problem with that conspiracy theory is that the Jets are picking at 6. McFadden is expected to go in the top 4 and if he slips to 6 will be a huge bargain. The smokescreen usually works best when you are in the drivers seat with a pick and can make other teams behind you sweat it out. The Jets are clearly in the hail mary position as in that is what they are saying now in hopes McFadden slips to them. Reports are all over about the Jets wining and dining McFadden last night in New York. It would seem that Eric Mangini is at it again with the boxing and now he’s sucked McFadden into the ring. Is Teddy Atlas on the coaching staff yet?

The camps are still divided as to whether or not McFadden would be a smart gamble for Jets due to off the field concerns. He is as most football people report extremely dedicated to and passionate about football. I am still of the belief that the Jets are sorely lacking an offensive threat the likes of McFadden and if he is there when the Jets pick at six the Jets would be McFools to pass on him.