Throwback Thursday: The 1979 NFL Draft

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With the draft rapidly approaching, I wanted start the last few weeks of “Throwback Thursday” posts, prior to the draft, to be draft related posts. Yes, NFL world, our New York Jets have made a lot of mistakes in the NFL draft. Too many worth mentioning ever, despite everyone’s jokes that are made.

But, the Jets have had their NFL draft successes as well, and we are going to look at those over the next few weeks.

The first one, we go back into the history books a bit, to 1979.

With a record of 8-8, the Jets had the 14th pick of the draft in round one, and the 41st pick overall when round two came around. The Jets made the most of these two picks, choosing two of their most memorable players in their history. So, who did they choose to help Walt Michaels and his Jets?

We bring you a brief slideshow, giving you the picks. …..

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