JETSerious: The Film Don't Lie Featuring Jets FS Ed Reed

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Jets @ Dolphins


A big reason to the Jets success in week 17 has a lot to do with making Ryan Tannehill uncomfortable inside the pocket. On this play, the Dolphins send five receivers out. This play is intended to hit the deep IN-route across the middle. The Jets are playing a cover 3, it least appears, with Ed Reed responsible for the deep 1/3 (center field).


Reed is circled in red. He is at his best when he reads the quarterback’s eyes. He’s excellent at keeping everything in front of him, because it’s harder to catch up to a receiver while turning your hips around, rather than attacking the ball/receiver downhill. With Reed staying deep and keeping everything in front of him, Landry is able to try and jump the deep IN.


Landry (blue) closes in on the route very nicely, allowing him to create a pass deflection. Reed (red) begins to attack the football, in the event the ball is tipped.


Above, you can see how deep Reed (red) is from the ball and Tannehill’s intended receiver (yellow).


Here’s a better look from the end zone angle, where you can see how far Reed truly is. Ed is at least ten yards from the tipped pass. He is across the far hash mark, away from the ball. Still, he is able to locate the ball in the air and begin to close in.


Reed (red) scoops another interception, and attempts to take it to the house. We all know he didn’t return the INT for a touchdown, but the fact that he is able to reach the ball on the fly is very impressive.


Just look at Rex Ryan. Although this is a different interception from a different game, that’s besides the fact that Rex still gets a fire in his belly when his guy, Ed Reed makes a play. Rex is circled in red and ecstatic on the sidelines. He is sprinting towards Reed! You’ve got to love Rex’s enthusiasm for his players, especially the future Hall of Fame safety.

Obviously, I’m a little biased when it comes to Ed Reed and his spot on the Jets final 53-man roster in 2014. But what do you think?

Should we keep Reed around for another season? Cast your vote here.

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