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Antonio Cromartie on Dee Milliner: “…We Expect More from Him…”

Aug 17, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets corner back Dee Milliner (27) during warmups before a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One thing we are learning, as this preseason progresses, is that Dee Milliner is not ready to start on the outside, opposite Antonio Cromartie. He is getting beaten, not getting his head around at the correct time, and generally just looking like a young player, adjusting to the NFL. He will be good, it’s just going to take some time.

This is not lost on the leader of the backfield, Antonio Cromartie:

For him it’s a learning experience. For this game, it’s the second preseason game for him and we expect more from him than we saw tonight. That’s something that he needs to learn from and he has to come out with a great attitude and get ready for the next week when we get ready to play guys like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. When we come to week one, we have to play two of the best receivers in the NFL with Vincent Jackson and also Mike Williams.

It’s not that we need to panic, Dee Milliner is entitled to look like a new player. Why? He is one. He is not going to just jump into the league and play like an All-Pro right from the jump. Milliner is entitled to a learning curve. I am just hoping they don’t force Dee out there too quickly. Work him into the game slowly. Kyle Wilson has looked better, he can hold down the job for a while.

Just FYI, here is what Cro had to say about the difficulties with the hurry-up from Saturday night:

You know honestly, we come into a preseason game not expecting a lot of hurry up but for us we were kind of glad we got a look at it. (It) had us on our toes a little bit you know its preparing us for when we play New England you know with the hurry up offense. For us it’s another key to the game that we got to look forward to knowing that teams want to get us into our sub positions. Also we can’t run our defense how we want to so we got to make sure we keep guys on their toes and go out and go play.

We’ve talked about this…they need to improve against the hurry-up…and hurry-up!

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  • Roof

    that was a pretty lame exuse for the offense. sanchez has started in their league for 4 years now, he cant get it together for hurry up? remember his hurry up in pitsburgh in the AFC Championship game. this guy has not gotten one iota better since entering the league.

    • TheJetPress

      Opinion on Mark is fair, but this article is talking about the defense.

  • hanknaples

    Jet Press,

    Who is going to cover the slot? Which player on the Jets this year is going to cover the slot? The problem here lies with Rex Ryan. Had the jets acquired more cornerback talent this offseason maybe to fill in the other starting spot opposite of Cromartie then Milliner might be able to learn a little bit more and compete with Wilson. However I think Milliner doesn’t have nimble feet required for a cornerback. I see him being turned around too much, his backpedal is not adequate for today’s cornerback. He needs to improve. He first instinct is to go forward on a play whether it is man to man or he is playing off with some cushion. He is beginning to learn that this is the NFL not Alabama playing the SEC. The receivers are going to leave him in the dust. By putting him in the starting spot the jets are taking a huge risk. The jets risk losing Milliner because once he gets beaten during this season everything falls on his ability to have “a short memory” and the strength to overcome the times he is beaten. He is going to be lost emotionally and mentally and for a first round pick (the first first round pick) to have that looming in his first season is not a good idea. Rex hasn’t developed the defensive back talent he has had since he has been the head coach. Wilson (aside from Revis helping him) hasn’t been the cornerback that Rex made all the noise about. He isn’t even a good third cornerback. Rex Ryan is snowing everyone about how great of a defensive coach he is.

    Interested Jet

    • hanknaples


      His backpedal is not adequate enough for today’s cornerback.

      Interested Jet

      • hanknaples


        This is the NFL not Alabama playing against the rest of the SEC.

        Interested Jet

    • TheJetPress

      Understood, and all good points. I think until Dee catches up with things, the slot cold be a big problem. It’s been one before, as Wes Welker has killed us in the past. Whether Milliner is in the slot, or Wilson, it could be a problem.

    • matr dontelli iii

      Everything is Rex’s fault. Its rexs fault the injury prone cornerback demanded more money and got traded. its rexs fault the other corner is out for the season. Its rexs fault he didnt see that coming and sign more cornerbacks without any cap space. its rexs fault the old gm didnt leave him any cap space to work with. It’s Rex’s fault the espn app don’t work. It’s also Rex’s fault we far exceeded expectations his first two years.milliner is a first round draft pick and regarded as the best corner in this years draft. He needs to be on the field like all the other first round corners the past several years. He’s not Humpty Dumpty, ready to crack because he is so fragile mentally. If the injury prone cornerback was such a great influence on Wilson he’d be a pro bowler by now

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