Jul 27, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks with the media following training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Does Rex Ryan Have the Freedom to Choose the Jets' Starting Quarterback?

It’s not easy to get inside the mind of Jets’ general manager John Idzik. The reason for that is simple, he doesn’t say very much. No, he’s not as tight-lipped as Bill Belichick, but he’s not exactly letting the information flow either. We have talked time and time again about how this new regime is getting rid of the leaks and keeping more in-house. What a great thing that is.

With that, when we DO hear things come from John, they are quite interesting. Following practice yesterday, we got just that type of information, when he was asked about his role in the starting quarterback situation. Take a look:

Well I have a pretty big role in that. I think we are going to discuss that much like we do anything. It’s going to be a collective opinion. We’re going to hash it out. And it’s not limited to quarterbacks. I know that’s front stage and center, but its every position, everything that we do, and it could be discussing schemes, different approaches to training camp. I think you have noticed that we changed our schedule around a little bit. We’ll discuss everything, and the beauty of our staffs, we have an extensive group, a lot of experience in the room. So we can trade that and that includes the quarterback situation. Obviously, we are going to talk with Rex, with Marty (Mornhinweg), with David (Lee), we’ll talk with the entire offensive staff, our scouts, and we have all our scouts here. We have a lot input in that.

When pressed further about who makes the final call, John had this to say:

Again, it’s a collective effort. And I think if you discuss it on a daily basis, this isn’t a one-time event that comes up and we have to make a quick decision. This is over a period of time, so there is a lot of talk, discussion, debate that goes over these types of decisions. So when you ultimately make that decision, it may look like, ok on Thursday at 4 pm Eastern Time they made the decision on the starting quarterback. Well that’s an accumulation of a lot of information and discussion and that’s what I mean that it’s a collective effort and it’s collaborative all the way.

Idzik was even asked if the head coach has the final say on the roster, and he answered by saying that when talking about who is going to play, they would have a lot of discussion. He would never concede that coach Ryan would have the final decision as to who starts.

I truly don’t know that I like that. Well, not completely.

The pervasive concept or working together, I do like. You absolutely want the organization to be on the same page, and comfortable about the direction they are moving in. It is important to dicuss these situations and have everyone with knowledge speak their mind. It probably would be unhealthy if Rex made the discussion talking to nobody.

But, why not say that Rex gets to make the final call? Doesn’t he? Shouldn’t the head coach be the guy to make the ultimate decision, after weighing everyone’s opinion? To me, a decision cannot totally be collaborative, especially one of this magnitude. It sounds almost like it will be done by vote. Well, maybe not vote, but some sort of a majority rules situation. If that happens, someone will not be happy about it.

It seems to me that, at least partially, Rex is having this decision taken from him. Am I wrong about this gang? Should Rex have the final say? Am I making too big a deal out of this? What do you guys think about this? I would love some opinions on this….

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  • matr dontelli iii

    we’ve discussed rex’s strong points being his coaching of the defense and how well he motivates. we’ve talked about how he sticks with ‘his players’ longer than he should. do you think maybe idzik sees the same thing? do you think maybe idzik is protecting rex from himself? i’m sure they’ll discuss these things until there’s an agreement. i doubt idzik is gonna shove a lineup down rex’s throat without them agreeing. people criticize rex for being hands off with the offense but now he’s got a guy who knows offense so much that rex doesn’t belong near it. i think everything is playing out prefectly for rex to have a great season and begin a long prosperous run with a gm that protects him from himself. we won’t be drafting any more john connors or shonn greenes. we won’t be trading up for dwayne robertsons and leaving the team with no depth. we won’t be leaving quarterbacks on the field when they don’t belong. we won’t be leaving linebackers on the field when they’re too slow nor will we have safeties on the field when they make mistake after mistake. we’ll have one of the best motivators in the game and one of the best defenses in the league. we’ve got an offensive coordinator who regularly runs top ten offenses. we’ve got a special teams coordinator who learned from the best and we’ll have a ton of draft picks next year. things are looking good. rex still calls this his dream job. i’ve said before, we’re a lot closer to our next super bowl than we are to our last. i can’t wait!

    • Frank Antonelli

      I couldn’t agree more. Committee decisions are usually better than decisions that are left to one man. The Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup and that is exactly how they are managed. I think this is a very good sign.

    • TheJetPress

      Those are great points Matr, ones I hadn’t thought of. Maybe John Idzik is the perfect counterbalance to Rex’s overloyalty to his guys…..we will find out soon enough…thanks for the input as always.

  • Paul Newbold

    Let’s face it, “the writing is on the wall”. I really think Rex’s days are numbered. Just from observations early on, Idzik thinks of this as his team. He’s already re organized the front office, drafted “his guys”, and is staying very active in the decision making as far as starters. Right or wrong, it seems Idzik is doing things “his way”

    • TheJetPress

      You might just be right on this….as far as “right or wrong”, what do you think? Is John stripping him of his power too early? Or doing what he should be doing? Or is it a non-story?

      • Paul Newbold

        Alan, it might be unfair to Rex, but I think he’s stripping them a bit early because he wants a bigger input into the face of the team. He did bring in “his guy” to head the Jets scouting team. I do think its unfair to Rex though. I also think it was unfair of Woody to put either one of them in this position though. Let’s hope it becomes a non – story though, the last thing this team needs is a GM vs Head Coach feud in the media! Rex and his staff should have final say though, it is after all the coaches that are on the field, in the weight rooms and meetings daily with these kids. Like I said though, Idzik seems to being doing things his way.

        • TheJetPress

          Agreed there. It definitely is unfair to Rex if that is what he is doing…from your lips to God’s ears that it is a non story