Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks to the media before the New York Jets minicamp session at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Is New York Jets' Coach Rex Ryan's Job Safe? A Different Perspective

One of the biggest questions about the 2013 New York Jets and beyond has to do with Rex Ryan’s job security. Specifically, how secure is it? What’s going to happen beyond this year? Is it only a matter of time before John Idzik let’s him go, or can Rex keep his job?

Manish Mehta of the Daily News took that question on in a piece of his own, take a look at it by clicking here:

I have to admit, one of my vices on TV is the show “Judge Judy”.  Listening to her yell at low lifes makes any problems I have seem a lot smaller.  The reason I point this out is she has a great quote.  “That doesn’t make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true.”

With all due respect to Mr. Mehta, there are parts of the story that just don’t make sense, and don’t seem logical.  Let me tell you what I mean.

First, he talks about how, although John Idzik will have a say in the fate of Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson will make the ultimate decision.  I know that was how it worked going into this season, but does that make sense going forward?  Does anyone think that John Idzik would have taken a job, where he would NEVER be allowed to decide the fate of Rex Ryan?

In order for that to be acceptable to him, he would have to be so enamored with Rex Ryan that he wouldn’t care what Woody decides.  Is that possible?  Sure it is.  But is it likely?  It doesn’t seem to be.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Let’s move on, and assume much of what the article said is true.  Let’s say that Idzik is OK with leaving the final decision with Woody.  Idzik is comfortable with putting that decision in someone else’s hands, he likes Rex, and is willing to let Woody do his thing.  Fine.  Let’s keep going and assume that it is true that Woody feels that he is going to bring Rex back next year.

Then why would he be leaving Rex in a “lame duck” status?  Why not give him a contract now, if you have already made that decision?  Last time, he received a contract extension after only one season.  Why would he change his tune now?  Because despite the report, Rex Ryan is NOT safe.

If it doesn’t make sense it isn’t true.  The Daily News scenario, at least in my opinion, doesn’t make any sense.

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  • charles gallo

    You forget Rex’s present contract runs thru the end of 2014, He get paid anyway if a new coach is brought in next year. Woody does not like paying two people to do the same job, if only one person is doing it.

    • matr dontelli iii

      i don’t even think woodhead johnson likes to pay one person to do a job. i heard he’s been hanging around with the wilpons. (just kidding about the wilpons)

    • TheJetPress

      are you sure Charles? Why would they be calling him a lame duck this year if he had two years left?

      • Paul Newbold

        I believe Charles is correct on the contract. The reason he is considered a “lame duck” is most everyone thinks Idjik will have his choice. Like you said, its hard to imagine him taking the job if he wasn’t going to be allowed to decide Ryan’s fate. Woody loves Ryan’s headlines, but in the end Idjik will make the call.

        • TheJetPress

          I agree Paul, it must be Idzik that makes the final call.

          • charles gallo

            It seems that Rex and Idzak are working well together. There is no reason to think Rex will be replaced if this continues, no matter what the record.

          • TheJetPress

            Charles, I hope you right. If you read me a lot you know that I love Rex. He wants to be here and we never have that. I just worry that no matter what happens, Idzik will want to bring in “his guy”.

          • charles gallo

            I think Rex is on the hot seat is just a media story, Rex is on the cool seat does not generate much interest. If Idzik had his own man, he would be here already. If Idzik and Rex are getting along there is no reason Rex would not be his man. Also, I seem to remember that Idzik and Rex were friends when they were kids and their fathers worked together.

          • TheJetPress

            that I have heard about them being friends. I am not sure that he would be here already if his guy was coming, since Woody said the new GM had to keep Rex.

  • Paul Newbold

    To declare Rex’s job safe at this point, would be a PR nightmare for the Jets organization. The media would have a field day!! Can you imagine the New York Daily Rag’s headlines? I believe Woody forced Rex on him this year, but its hard to imagine Idjik or any GM for that matter being unable to choose his own head coach long term. Idjik will have a choice of head coach after the season, and it will be unlikely its Rex Ryan. Idjik has gone to great lengths to stay out of the press, instead quietly building an organization around him. He did some housekeeping in the front office and brought in “his people”, I believe he will do much the same with his head coach. The guy is beginning to impress me (minus the Edwards signing), he made some under the radar moves and I think the draft was solid, given time I think the Jets might have actually solved the GM riddle.

    • TheJetPress

      I see it like you Paul. I don’t see any way that Idzik does not get the final call. He would never have agreed to a job where he doesn’t get to make the call.