Can the New York Jets Restructure Mark Sanchez?

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7.) Dumb and Dumbererer-er?

Richard Sherman and Titus Young have both stated that they are “better” than Darrelle Revis and Calvin Johnson respectively. I admire their cockiness and after looking at the numbers and doing some comparison, I found some surprising info…. here’s my detailed analysis….


Darrelle Revis’s REPORTED contract demands are ABSURD until you realize that they aren’t.

8.)  Revis $100 million dollar demands is ABSURD!!!!!!…..….Or IS it?

All reports indicate that Darrelle Revis is asking for $100 million and about $50 guaranteed.  Whether the reports are true are not is probably irrelevant considering Revis and his people have a history of asking for a King’s ransom but for the sake of this argument, we’ll just assume that Revis $100 demands are accurate.  Just HOW absurd is Revis’s asking price? Well, probably not as absurd as you think.  For the record let me state that I believe Revis has every right to ask for what he is reportedly asking for, for all intense and purposes I just don’t think the Jets can afford him but that doesn’t mean its impossible.

Briefly what I would suggest is;

- A 10 year deal, $2 million salary every year with a $10 million signing bonus.

-$10 million roster bonus due the first day of camp every year starting in year two.

- Guarantee the first 5 years for all but injury, and a hold out clause that he loses $50.0000 for every day if he holds out.

The rest would be funny money that he’ll most likely never see, but can brag about anyways. In about 6 years you cut/trade him or move him to Safety.
That’s essentially $12 million dollars a year in cap hits, that’s right in line with the top CB salary.
If the cap ever becomes an issue, they can convert the roster bonus into a signing bonus to spread out the hit.


9.) Don’t cut me bro!!!

Bart Scott, Calvin Pace and Jason Smith will all be the first round of cuts for the Jets.  Smith was fodder but Scott and Pace will need to be adequately replaced.  I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Scott brought back at a reduced price and role but I might be the only one in JetNation that feels that way.  Demario Davis wont have any problems replacing Scott and a Jarvis Jones STANDEE from Champ Sports wont have any problems replacing Calvin Pace.


10.)Revis and Landry

I know its a long shot to have BOTH LaRon Landry and Darrelle Revis roaming the Jets secondary next season but I would LOVE for the Jets to find a way to keep at LEAST one of them.  The league is predicated on passing more than ever and yes having a pass rusher that can consistently beat one on one matchups is vital to any successful defense but lets not start discrediting what advantages a solid secondary can bring to a defense and a team as a whole.

KEEP REVIS AND/OR LANDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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