Can the New York Jets Restructure Mark Sanchez?

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1.)  Jarvis Jones slipping to the Jets ?

As far as Mocks go, most people really don’t pay them that much mind and for good reasons but for the most part they’re a good indication of what teams NEED to do and what direction they should probably head towards, so they’re not totally useless.  I myself entertain them for time to time for more than one reason, one reason being if a mock has a top prospect falling further than we think said prospect should fall and that is the case with this particular mock……


Though Jarvis Jones is considered the best pass rusher in this year’s draft, he doesn’t come without some risk.

This Mock has Georgia’s DE/OLB Jarvis Jones, easily the best most dynamic pass rusher out of this year’s group of pass rushers, falling to the Jets at 9, not impossible or improbable but probably not likely either but just to entertain the thought briefly;  is Jones potential fall going to be based on the uncertainty of his medical condition?  There’s simply no denying Jones’s ability to rush the passer and to play the LB position and there’s no denying the fact that the Jets are in desperate need of an edge pass rusher.  I know there have been mocks that have the Jets possibly going after a NT or DT in the 1st round but lets not kid ourselves here, the Jets are losing Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas, their primary OLB/edge rushers and replacing them will be critical and a player like Jarvis Jones will definitely go a long way in not only replacing Pace/Thomas but probably and most likely providing infinitely  more production in sacks than Pace and Thomas COMBINED over the past 3 seasons but as dynamic a pass rusher as Jones is, he does come with a risk.  Jones suffers from a condition called Spinal Stenosis , an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that may occur in any of the regions of the spine. This narrowing causes a restriction to the spinal canal, resulting in a neurological deficit.  Now to be fair, Georgia Doctors cleared Jones to play and there’s no doubt in my mind that they didn’t reach that decision without much examining, research and discussion and there isn’t any reason NOT to trust their decision to clear him but there SHOULD be some legitimate concern about his long-term durability due to this Spinal Stenosis condition, the same ailment that has caused some players like Marcus McNeill, Chris Samuels and Michael Irvin to retire earlier than they wanted to.


Miami of Ohio QB Zac Dysert played in a West Coast System and would make an ideal option for the Jets in this April’s draft.


2.) Best way to handle the QB position for the Jets this year?

When discussing the Jets this offseason, many people will find themselves either avoiding the 8.25 million pound elephant in the room or simply trying to find a way to flush said 8.25 million pound elephant down the toilet and quite honestly, neither option will fix the issue.  Simply put, Sanchez’s $17 million dollar cap hit if cut all but seals his spot on the roster for the 2013 season.  It also virtually guarantees that he’ll get a legit chance to start and in fact I’d say the chances of Sanchez starting is probably better than 70%.  This doesn’t mean that the Jets need to head into this season as unprepared as they were this past season.  The Jets watched as Sanchez and his erratic and inconsistent QB play brought the entire offense and in some cases the team down simply because they didn’t have a viable and legit option backing up Sanchez.  Certainly one of many reasons former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is the FORMER Jets GM.  This CANNOT happen this season…..the Jets actually have to approach this “Sanchez” situation expecting him to FAIL  (not rooting for him to FAIL) and need to be prepared for it but unfortunately because of the cap situation and the depth issues at key positions, the Jets have to approach this with minimal finances to spend at the QB position.  That means trading for big cap hitting QBs like Matt Flynn or picking up soon-to-be FA QBs like Alex Smith may be out of the question considering their price tags.  It also means they shouldn’t sacrifice talent in their search for a backup in the Free Agent market because of their limited resources, meaning other FA options like Tavaris Jackson, Drew Stanton, Matt Moore, Jason Campbell and Seneca Wallace shouldn’t be considered as serious and legit options to threaten Mark Sanchez for the starting job, they just shouldn’t.

In my opinion the Jets should for CYA purposes, sign one of the aforementioned FA QBs (preferable Matt Moore) but they should undoubtedly be prepared to spend anywhere between a 2nd – 4th round pick on a QB in this April’s draft and the 2 QBs I would love for the Jets to consider is FSU’s EJ Manuel and/or Miami or Ohio’s Zac Dysert.  Manuel, the Senior Bowl MVP is a dual threat QB that has the intangibles and upside that is hard to ignore.  Dysert on the other hand isn’t a dual threat like Manuel but he’s not lacking in the mobility department and knows a thing or two about QB-ing a West Coast offense, the offense the Jets will go with now that Marty Morninweg will be coordinating the offense.  Both of these QBs are not only making competition in camp very interesting for Mark Sanchez but have the talent to come in and legitimately replace him if he starts throwing the football like he’s point shaving again.


3.) Brandon Jenkins

The Jets have issues at more than a few key positions on both sides of the ball so as bad as they need a pass rusher, its certainly no guarantee that they will even go pass rusher or even defense in the first round. I like to assume that they won’t go pass rusher as I’ll just utilize the “anything can happen” mantra.  If the Jets decided to not go pass rusher in the first round,  I would like to throw a name in the Draft Board Hat that I would like to see the Jets go after in the mid/later rounds; FSU’s Brandon Jenkins.  Yes THAT Brandon Jenkins.  The Brandon Jenkins that played only ONE snap this past season….. The 6’3 260 pound DE was THE premiere pass rusher in college football in 2010 as he emerged as one of the nation’s best speed rusher at defensive end tallying 13.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for a loss. His junior and senior years were not as productive as he and Florida State would have liked because of various injuries that cut his season short.  Jenkins was looking to continue his dominance this past season but suffered a season ending foot injury that put an end to his FSU career.  Despite the injury, Jenkins is still a formidable pass rusher and had it not been for the injury, he’d of been the TOP pass rusher coming into April’s draft I have no doubts about that.  Jenkins may or may not participate in the combine or workouts but even without doing so I believe that he’s still worth taking a flier on from round 3 and on….

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