Actions, Not Words Will Determine John Idzik's Jets Legacy

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John Idzik meets the New York Jets media contingent for the first time.

It was the dawn of a new day in Florham Park, NJ. Gone is “Trader Mike”, “Mr. T”, and all the other names we had for Mike Tannenbaum. In is John Idzik, fresh from his time with the Seattle Seahawks, and ready to take on the challenge of being the general manager of the New York Jets.

And those challenges are not going to be easy. The salary cap is not in great shape, thanks to the doings of Mike Tannenbaum. They have the quarterback situation to figure out. They don’t have a great running back. They have a group of linebackers that are older than dirt. They have a weak group of wide receivers. His work is not going to be easy.

Despite what the great Mike Francesa had to say yesterday, like he always does. Idzik had a lot of great things to say yesterday. It is not a sign of nothing changing, there definitely is change a coming. But, no matter what his words are, it doesn’t matter. Words are not going to determine what we are going to think of John Idzik. It will be his actions.

For example, he had a great attitude about the draft. We have talked a lot about how the draft is the way to rebuild an NFL franchise. John Idzik agrees. Take a look at what he had to say:

The draft will be very important to us. That will be a lifeline for us, year-in and year-out.

And he was asked about it later on:

First off all, when I say lifeline, no matter if we have all of our picks as we do this year, if we don’t have our full complement of picks, or we attain additional picks via trades, we’re going to place an emphasis on the draft from rounds one through seven and the (undrafted) college free agents. We will be well versed in who we think is going to help our squad through the draft. Then on an individual basis, once we evaluate our roster, the baseline will always be our current roster. Everything we do will be compared to what we have in the building. That will always be the baseline. We will charter our course based on all these evaluations. Some of it will be draft-oriented. Some of it will be free agent-oriented. Some of it will be trade-oriented. It’s a little bit premature to get specific about it, but I just think that to us, every draft choice that we turn in is going to be precious to us.

That’s a great attitude to have. We have seen it year after year, the college draft is the way to give your team sustained success, just ask the New England Patriots. But, what does the attitude mean? Is it going to deliver us the 2013, 14…etc. editions of Vernon Gholston, Vladimir Ducasse, Scotty McKnight, and John Conner? Or will the new regime lead to the next Darrelle, David Harris, Nick Mangold….etc? It’s good to say that we are going to emphasize the draft, but actions, not words, will tell the story.

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