Inside the Jets vs. Bills Film Room: Offense

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One more time, to put a period and wrap a bow around this 2012 debacle, we go inside the film room and take a look at the Jets offense. This afternoon, JETSerious will take his final look at the defense, but now, the offense.

There are a lot of poor things we could take a look at, we all know this. But, it’s the last one of 2012, so let’s look for the positive. And, despite all of the problems, there was one major positive this year. That positive was Jeremy Kerley, and more specifically, the talent of Jeremy Kerley that Mark Sanchez was able to draw upon. Mark Sanchez gets a lot of heat for not making anybody better, well he made this guy better.  First we will look at the 40 yard gainer, see the formation to the right.

Jeremy Kerley is lined up one on one on the outside.  As we move this forward, you will see how Mark Sanchez has established great trust in Kerley, to put the ball where he knows he will be.  Kerley will just make a simple move to the inside, and then go right around the defender’s outside shoulder.

Kerley take 1-2 steps to the inside of the defender, and then cuts to the outside, following the green arrow.  Let’s move it forward.

Kerley isn’t exactly wide open, the defender actually has decent coverage on him.  But, unlike he does most other occasions, Mark puts the ball up where his guy can make a play.  And the result?

40 yards down the field, Kerley makes the catch, and it’s first down Jets.  See?  Out of all of the muck that was the 2012 offense, Mark Sanchez did establish a good relationship with one guy.

Turn the page, and we will look at a play that shows Kerley’s maturity.

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