Quick All-22 Film Review - St Louis Rams

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On Defense:

– The Rams do have big play ABILITIES but aren’t really known for their big plays.  They seemed to have found a solid receiving corp in Amendola, Quick and TE Kendricks.   Amendola is as good as it gets right now in the NFL and although his stats don’t show it, mainly because he was out for a while with a serious shoulder injury, Amendola is a serious tough cover for any CB as he’s as shifty and hungry as any WR playing right now.  He runs superb routes and utilizes his quickness to get open.  I would assume anyone other than Cromartie on Amendola and the Jets are forfeiting.  Brian Quick on the other hand is a tall/fast WR that can present matchup problems considering after Cromartie, the cover drop off is steeper than the Mariana Trench.  The Jets have a serious problem in their secondary and it goes by the name of Kyle Wilson and trust and believe Rams offensive coordinator and former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will undoubtedly go after Kyle Wilson ad nauseam.

Antonio Cromartie will be tasked with keeping Rams WR Danny Amendola at bay this week.

-     The Jets D-line played well against the Seahawks up until the point they just couldn’t hold it together anymore and gave up one too many big plays.  They will be tested by Rams RB Stephen Jackson who is quietly notorious for hitting the holes and taking advantage of any and everything that his o-line gives him.  The film shows that Jackson is still the work horse for the Rams as he’s always been and certainly has the ABILITY to opens things up effectively for Sam Bradford and that Rams passing offense.  The film also shows that Jackson has been vastly less effective this season than any season he’s been in St Louis.  Jackson is averaging 3.7 yards per carry and has rushed for 504 yards thus far.  He has only rushed for 2 TDs this season and is averaging about 56 yards per game, which are not exactly eye popping numbers, which is why the Rams have started to implement rookie Daryl Richardson in the running game.  Richardson is averaging about 5.7 yards per carry and is clearly quicker than Stephen Jackson at this point.  Richardson on tape is FAST, very fast and is becoming a home run hitter for them Rams and is clearly becoming the future as Jackson is certainly going to be playing somewhere else next season.  The Jets will see a lot of Jackson and Richardson on Sunday and the D-line will have their hands full with both no doubt.

–   Jets pass rush has been a carousel of who can suck the LEAST and if given time, Sam Bradford has the ability to pick a defense apart and the Jets cant let that happen.  No more Maybin as he’s been released and right now the Jets are looking for anyone to step up…..ANYONE!!!!!!!!


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