Quick All-22 Film Review - The Colts

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On Defense:

-As noted earlier, Luck can tend to stare down his primary receiver, as is customary with rookie QBs. He does get the ball out very, very quickly though – by the time his back foot hits on a 3 or 5 step drop, the ball is out. Also, he has plenty of arm and a quick release, so the ball gets there fast.  He needs to watch this week or Cromartie who has stepped his game up will make him pay more times than not.

-“Bunch” formation is the formation I believe the Colts will try to attack the Jet with because it allows them to send TE Coby Fleener on quick out routes to take advantage of the Jets slow linebackers.

-Jets will look to stop Reggie Wayne, who leads the league with 126.5 receiving ypg.  He showed how and why against the Packers.

– The Jets are ranked 5th in the league in passing yards given up per game.  They are averaging 199 yards surrendered per game and managed to do a VERY solid job against Matt Shaub and Andre Johnson last week in holding Johnson to 1 catch.  Jets CB Antonio Cromartie has been nothing short of stellar since Revis went down and will need another great performance this week against a confident Reggie Wayne who made Pro-Bowl CBs Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams look bad.

-Colts love to mix up their formations and though the Jets are facing a rookie WR, they aren’t facing a rookie offense.   This is far from an elementary offense the Jets will be facing as this Colts offense knows exactly what it is doing but still looks shaky at times and are primed to make mistakes every now and then.  This is a game where CB Kyle Wilson may be tested a lot by the Luck and his offensive coordinator if they see they can’t have success on Cromartie.

-The Colts offensive line has been solid thus far this season and the Jets D-line has been subpar thus far this season.  Luck isn’t skiddish in the pocket at all and is poised so if the Jets are to get to him they will have to work for it.





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