Quick All-22 Film Review - The Houston Texans

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– The Texans led 14-7 at halftime, but their offense bogged down for a while after that. Houston mustered only two first downs in the second quarter, and went three-and-out on the first series of the third quarter… after a pick 6 by Danieal Manning on a HORRIBLE pass by Matt Hasselbeck that was thrown behind his target, the Texans offense sprung to life utilizing a no-huddle VERY effectively and breezed down the field in just over two minutes which consisteed of a 16 yard run by Foster and a 28 yard TD pass from Matt Shaub to Owen Daniels.  It was almost a thing of beauty.  The Jets slow defense will struggle vs the Texans no-huddle offense, it’s almost a certainty.

– In a total contrast from the 49ers, who run right at you, and use the stretch play to keep the defense honest, The Texans seem to tell their RB’s to either get to the edge or cut back into the A or B gaps on running plays; they keep it simple, it’s one or the other. They seem to run almost exclusively stretch plays just out of different formations.  They did this consistently vs the Titans and the Titans seemed unprepared for it.  They will keep the defense honest and run stretch plays back to the weak side of the formation too. I expect the Jets to have a lot of difficulty stopping this.

The left side of the Texans o-line is very good, but the right side is average at best. Caldwell (RG) and Newton (RT) are not impressive. Brown (LT) and Smith (LG) are both very good, Brown is better at pass blocking, Smith is very good at run blocking. The pass blocking by HOU is very solid, I don’t see the Jets being able to generate much pass rush, not that they are able to normally anyway. The Texans don’t have a physicaly offensive line at all, but they are athletic and get out in front of Foster and Tate on those stretch plays and can get to the LBs at the 2nd level.

– The Texans secondary is very strong, they don’t miss tackles, and Joseph and Jackson are both extremely physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage. They play man-to-man nearly every play and were physical at the line with press coverage vs the Titans and it was effective.  Beating press coverage is something the Jets WRs have struggled with mightily these past few weeks and now with Holmes out, it may be another long day for Mark Sanchez.






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