Know Thy Enemy: Week 4-Jets vs. 49ers

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Sep 23, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) practices before the game with the Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

In this week’s “Know Thy Enemy”, we talk to the editor of the Fansided site for the 49ers,  He sat down with us to talk about his 2-1 team, and the upcoming game.   Take a look:

THE JETPRESS:Alex Smith came out of his career long duldrums to have the season of his life in 2011. Was he a one year wonder, or can he do it again in 2012?

NINER NOISE:Last season was not anomaly for Alex Smith. The reason why Smith exploded with a career season last year is because he finally had a competent head coach and offensive coordinator, who both have confidence and believe in his abilities. So far this season, Smith has shown last season was not a one year wonder. Smith is in the same offensive system for the second year in a row and he will continue to grow and get better this season. What is helping him this season is the new additions brought in on offense during the offseason and the 49ers continue to have a solid running game. He is also not forcing passes which usually led to turnovers during his first six seasons in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh has done wonders for Smith’s development and most importantly he has taught the quarterback if nothing is there, just throw it away or take the sack.

TJP:Talk about how Frank Gore has looked to this point. He seems to be running downhill, and strong, so far in 2012.

NN:Frank Gore is the heart of the 49ers offense and he is looking strong in his ninth season in the NFL. He continues to show he can lead the 49ers power running game and has not shown any hints of slowing down. The 49ers brought in Brandon Jacobs and drafted LaMichael James to help Gore and Kendall Hunter in the running game. Even though Gore has played solid this season, he is not getting any younger and having multiple options at running back to spell him during a game will help with his longevity. Unfortunately, Jacobs and James have not played in a game this season due to injuries. Jacobs might play on Sunday. However, the running game is still going strong and will only get better when Jacobs and James return to the field.

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