The Jets Need to Sign a Veteran RB

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Secondly, a glaring problem stood out last night with the running backs, of every string.

The problem with blitz pick up. The Bengals did a lot of stunts, overloads, and the like in order to create mismatches against the Jets offensive line. As we all saw, it worked, as a free rusher often came through to get to the quarterback. The way that needs to be thwarted is for the running back to recognize the pressure, and pick up the blitzer coming through before he can get to the QB.

That didn’t happen, therefore, some unfortunate sacks happened.

Yes it is early, but this is a major issue that needs to be fixed as well. Why not bring in a veteran running back to help with the growth process a bit?

Well, who is out there? The guy in the picture on page 1 is out there. Ryan Grant. It’s time to give him a call.

Yes he has had injury problems. But, when healthy, he has been quite the productive back. He has never averaged less than 3.9 yards per carry, and he is only 29 years old. As well, with 92 receptions for his career, is a good addition out of the backfield catching the football. He’s a guy that could help the development of the younger guys.

He could probably be had on the cheap at this point. Why not give him a call?

If not him, there is another guy that is out there. He’s a veteran, has played in the Ground and Pound before, and has always been productive while in a Jets uniform. Turn the page and I will tell you who I mean.

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