Tim Tebow in the Red Zone Instead of Sanchez is a Mistake

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Now, time to honestly look at Mark Sanchez’s numbers, yet again. He threw for 26 TDs, and ran for 6 more. Yes, he turned the ball over too much. But he accounted for 32 scores. The “great” Tim Tebow only accounted for 18, and the same amount of rushing TDs as Mark Sanchez. Tim Tebow is this great running quarterback, but yet Sanchez had the same amount of scores.

But, Sanchez is a red zone problem? Really?

And by the way, Mark Sanchez has 27 TDS(combined rushing and passing) in the red zone, Tim Tebow had only 12.

I thought the Jets needed “bolstering” in the red zone…hmmmmmm

Now let’s do what every Tebow fan hates, talk about the actual quarterbacking numbers. Before the Tebow fans try to tell me that Sanchez started more games than Tebow, rest assured, I know that. What we are going to look at is a percentage. Specifically, their percentages of throws in the red zone that were TDs”

Sanchez: 26.5%
Tebow: 20%

Mark Sanchez has proven to be better in the red zone, ladies and gentlemen. The numbers don’t lie. Period.

This is unnecessary.

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