Observations from Jets Minicamp Day Two

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Today was the second day of the Jets three day minicamp, the first of two sessions open to the public. As such, I made the trip out to Florham Park, to take a look at what our team looks like at this early date. I got down there pretty early, but for those of you who haven’t been down there before, you can’t see everything from every spot.

However, I could see, and hear quite a bit, so here is some of what I noticed today out at camp:

UP TEMPO EVERYTHINGThe first thing that is obvious is the pace of everything that is going on. The practice is rapid fire. From drill to drill, snap to snap, or even simulated snap to simulated snap, there was no slowing down the pace of the practice, which is great. Didn’t we all think the Jets were a bit of a lethargic team in 2011? Well, if the saying is true that how you perform is how you practice, then lethargy is a thing of the past. The coaches were moving them quickly out of the huddle, getting the team to the line of scrimmage quickly. Keep the defense on their toes. “Rhythm and pace”, was a theme you heard more than once. The kicking team even worked on last second field goals, which obviously have to be performed quickly.

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