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10 Awesomely Awesome Meaningless Meaningful Jets/NFL Thoughts

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- To suggest that TE Dustin Keller has been a VITAL part of the Jets offense since his arrival in 2008 would be an understatement.  Although I’m also one to believe he was MISSUSED and UNDERUTILIZED by former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer during that same time period as well BUT for the MOST part he’s essentially been the reliable security blanket for QB Mark Sanchez these past 3 seasons all while maturing into one of the leaders in the Jets locker room.  Keller’s 2011 numbers stack up to some of the best in the league, check it; out of 49 possible TEs, Keller was 9th in receptions with 65, 6th in yards with 815, 8th in yards per game with 50.9, 10th in first down catches with 39 and though Keller only caught 5 tds in 2011, he was targeted a team high 21.3% of the time by Sanchez, which was actually good for SECOND in the NFL behind only Saints TE Jimmy Graham and both Keller’s 2011 catches (65) and receiving yards (815) totals were team highs, so to suggest that Keller hasn’t been a vitally important component within this Jets offense the past 3 seasons would be a misguided argument to say the least.  As much as I love Keller, who is going into the final year of his rookie contract and appreciate the strides he’s made for the team, I DO believe the Jets should wait at least one more season before extending him.  The Jets have brought in Tony Sparano, a new offensive coordinator with a totally different philosophy than his predecessor, a philosophy that is predicated around the run and that requires the WRs and TEs to be able to be consistent and adequate blockers and as great a receiving TE Keller is, he’s at BEST a mediocre blocking TE and frankly we need to see how he steps up and “produce” in Sparano’s system before extending him for the long term.  It’s easy to make the case for a contract extension on behalf of Dustin Keller but the logical and wise business decision would be to take the wait and see approach with him. I for one am confident that Keller is talented enough to show the Jets management this season just how valuable he is not only to Mark Sanchez but to the entire organization.


Jets WR Chaz Schilens has impressed early on in minicamp.

-   At 6’4 225 Jets WR Chaz Schilens isn’t exactly a slouch that can easily be overlooked, forgotten or ignored but that’s exactly what we have been guilty of since Schilens was signed by the Jets back in March.  Schilens of course wasn’t exactly the big free agent name that Jets fans were looking for so it isn’t exactly hard to understand the lack of enthusiasm and excitement re his signing.  The “knock” on Schilens was that although he is talented and has the attributes to succeed, he’s injury prone.  Well, that was the “knock” on Safety Brodney Pool when the Jets signed him as a free agent 2 seasons ago yet Pool managed to not only remain healthy for the Jets but was actually a pretty solid safety during his time with the Jets. Fact is; Schilens is a big target with very solid upside.  He has quickness and is a very good route runner and depending on if he’s UP for the challenge, I see NO reason why he can’t be an adequate redzone target.  With the injury bug hitting starting WRs Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill during minicamp, I’m certainly looking forward to Schilens stepping up and showing us what he’s capable of because if he is hungry and is capable of being that redzone target that Plax was last season but better at getting opened between the 20s UNLIKE Plax, I’d say the Jets offense will be able to surprise A LOT of people this season including themselves.



- Media blast Santonio Holmes for pulling himself out of OTA’s last week.  Santonio NOW has a pulled hamstring after being pushed too hard last week.  Me thinks Santonio knew just what in the heck he was talking about/doing when he left OTAs last week and me thinks the media will try to demonize him no matter what and will at TIMES end up with EGG on their faces like that have NOW.


-  Incase you’ve YET to see my production of Mark Sanchez’s 2011 highlights…..ENJOY

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