Jets State of the Offense Address

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The one working hardest at the new offense is our starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Both coach Sparano and Rex have praised Mark’s work ethic, saying that he has been the hardest worker in the room. Coach Sparano says he has “all the answers” in the classroom, and that is great. The starting quarterback has to be able to internalize the system in order to lead. Mark has to serve as coach on the field, and knowing the offense inside and out is the only way.

He is getting ready to host the “Jets West” camp, which serves to immerse in the playbook even more, as well as to bond with his teammates. Sanchez funds the camp, as well as leads it as the coach. This is only done by a guy that is driven to be great. Among the upcoming attendees is the guy I want to talk about next.

Santonio Holmes. He will be attending Jets West, as well as a great deal of his offensive teammates. We all know that Holmes and Sanchez were not on the same page last year. Hell, they weren’t even in the same book. To go out to the camp is a great sign that he has seemed to have turned over a new leaf. He has been working hard in camp, as well as trying to coach up his teammates. “Tone Time” may just be getting ready for a return to his 2010 self.

The pieces added will do nothing but help as well. To go along with Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight is Terrance Ganaway at running back. He’s a big guy with a nose for the end zone. 21 TDs last season proves that in spades. The running backs are set to ground and pound away. The WRs are ready to take flight as well, led by Santonio, who seems to have a new attitude so far. Stephen Hill will make an excellent deep threat as long as he gets his routes polished this offseason. Chaz Schilens has shown all the tools to be a valuable threat, if he can stay healthy. Jeremy Kerley will only get better, and Jordan White has the makings of a big time sleeper, as does DaMarcus Ganaway.

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  • Ferraro41

    Solid analysis.  I will say that I am not really all that concerned with the Tebow situation.  I really think the Jets staff know what they want to do with this guy, and it doesn’t involve a QB competition.  And I really believe Sanchez is primed and motivated to shove all of the criticism up the collective buttocks of his many non-believers.
    The one thing I am concerned about is the WR group.  Not only am I still concerned about Holmes keeping his head on straight, but I also fear a little too much is being expected from Stephen Hill.  There are exceptions, of course, but rare is the rookie WR who comes in and is an immediate impact player.  It generally takes them a couple of seasons to really make a big impact, and I’m talking about players who played in passing systems in college, not Hill, who has a further hill (no pun intended) to climb in learning pro-style route trees.  I like the group they have, but they are young an inexperienced…would be nice to have one more veteran.

    • Alan Schechter

      Glad you liked my take Ron, and thanks for reading.

      I hope you are right on the Tebow thing. From your lips to gods ears, would love to see Mark shove all that criticism where
      the son don’t shine on these reporters.

      You could be right on Hill, and Rex apparently indicated in post workout presser that Tanny might be on the lookout for one more receiver. Maybe the
      veteran that you feel they need.

  • mracesmith

    I did my own assessment of the jets offense well mor eimportantly the backup qb situation where i rank the jets’ backups in the afc east!

    • Alan Schechter

      thanks again for reading and sharing