Who is Jonathan Vilma Kidding?

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Read that quote, the plays on the sheet are regrettably named, but good legal plays.

OK. That’s not the point.

Nobody ever said that the Bounties were for illegal plays. Hello? If the players kept making illegal plays, there would be penalties, the other team would score more often, and the players would have less of a chance to score these bounties.


Ginsberg didn’t say, however, that payments were not made for cart-offs, and/or whacks. Who cares if they are clean? You can still knocks someone off the field for a long time on a clean play.

Who are these people kidding?

Nobody said that the bounties were offered for illegal plays, they said it was offered to injure people. I think “cart-offs” and “whacks” pretty much confirm that, and your proclamations of innocence are nothing by misleading.

We are not stupid. Good luck with that suit Vilma. You are going to need it.

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  • russ51

    Really, Jets fan should thank god that for what ever reason the Omnipotent comish don’t investigate Rex’s player” dotting” program .He wrote a book about it, Read the chapter called “Blunt force trauma”. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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  • russ51

    Just like I though,Ya’ll like to talk shite about other teams, but when it comes to holding  the jets to the same scrutiny, silence…..oh, and good luck with that Tebow thing.