Rex in the City-Putting Our Faith in Coach Rex Ryan

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They did go 8-8. We can’t deny that either. But, this doesn’t mean that the message has been lost.

This is killing Rex. He feels major let down, because he let us down last year. This is only going to focus him more.

Yes Rex has to give some thought as to what he does. Don’t we all? Don’t we all constantly work on what we do in order to get better? And get better Rex will.

I have said many times in the past that a lof of what happened last year had to do with execution and I stand by that. It’s much easier to blame coaches, because there are far fewer of them than there are of players. But that shouldn’t make the coaches the only scapegoats.

The Jets will get better. Rex will get better. For those that wonder about his mouth, have faith. The Jets will get there with Rex. I am “all in”, everyone else should be too.

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