A Different Take on the Tim Tebow Wednesday Comments

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Now, instead of looking at what was said, let’s talk about what wasn’t said. Did anyone notice what none of these guys said? Nobody talked about his abilities as a quarterback! What did they say? He’s a great leader. He’s fun to watch in the weight room. He’s passionate.

Nowhere do you hear, he’s underrated as a passer. His passing ability is better than anyone thought.

Revis talked about that he “makes plays”, but that is the closest that anybody got. Nobody directly addressed his abilities as an actual quarterback.


Maybe it’s because nobody is going to admit that he’s not a good quarterback. He’s got all the intangibles in the world, but he is just not that good a quarterback.

Maybe I am reading into it, maybe not. It’s just food for thought.

You all know what I think. If I am right about the hidden admission, the players are then right as well.

He’s just not that good of a quarterback.

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