A Little Support for the Incumbent QB Mark Sanchez

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Now, let’s stack up Mark against some other big time QBs, starting with John Elway:

8,152 yards passing, 47 TDs, 52 INTs

Not bad up against a legend, no?

Troy Aikman is up next:

7,082 yards passing, 31 TDs, 46 INTs

Yes I realize that this was a different game when Aikman played as far as the passing game is concerned, but still, Sanchez stacks up well against this Hall of Famer.

Here’s one I found interesting. Take a look at the great Joe Montana’s stats, and here, because he didn’t play right away, I used the first three seasons that Montana threw at least 250 pass attempts. Montana was interesting because they ran a lot in the West Coast offense. Here is what I found:

7,973 yards passing, 51 TDs, 32 INTs

Other than the obvious discrepancy in INTs, this was eye opening as I analyzed the stats, as I am of the opinion that Joe Montana is the best QB to ever live.

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