A Little Support for the Incumbent QB Mark Sanchez

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Jan 1, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) throws a pass against the Miami Dolphins in the first quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

There is a lot of “Tebowmania” taking hold of New York. Everything, including the New York print media, is very pro-Tebow, and very anti-Sanchez. Look at the headlines, points are geared in Tebow’s favor.

We need to not forget about the guy pictured to the right, Mark Sanchez. He has done a lot here in New York, and his numbers, when you stack them up, are not as bad as people like to think. Maybe the media and the coaching staff has selective memory.


First we are going to take a look at Mark Sanchez’s numbers, for use as comparison. Mark Sanchez has been in the league three years as we know. Here are his numbers in the major areas: 9,209 yards passing, 55 TD, 51 INTs.

Take those, and compare that to another famous NY quarterback, Phil Simms, in his first three years:

6,095 yards passing, 39 TDs, 45 INTs

Hmm, interesting, as he went on to win a Super Bowl.

How about Eli (in his first three years as full time starter):

10,342 yards passing, 71 TDs, 55 INTs

Yes, Eli leads here, but when you take into account how much more often the Giants throw the football than the Jets, especially in Mark’s first two years, the numbers really aren’t STARKLY better, are they?

Ken O’Brien is the second leading passer in Jets history. Let’s take a look at his first three years:

8,980 yards passing, 56 TDs, 35 INTs

Other than the INT numbers, very comparable statistics.

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