Has Jets Coach Rex Ryan Really Changed?

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I am a big fan of Rex Ryan. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me. I love him, and I love the confidence he brings to the team. For years before Rex arrived, no Jets coach ever exerted any confidence, other than Bill Parcells, and the team took on just that personality. It’s great to have Rex show confidence, because the team has taken on that personality too.

I just think he needs to be careful.

These types of statements put expectations on guys. Comparing a guy to Ray Lewis, even loosely, after one day of practice, can be a dangerous endeavour. Talking about two guys that are going to start before they take the field at all, puts expectations on guys. These types of things put pressure on guys, and he needs to learn that this could come back to haunt Rex. His statements have in the past.

His confidence is great. If he is right about these guys, it’s also great. Just be careful. That’s all I’m saying to Rex. Tread lightly.

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