New York Jets Had an Excellent Draft, Despite the "Experts"

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The later rounds had guys that have a chance to make an impact as well. Antonio Allen is one for me. This guy was graded to go earlier, a lot of guys were surprised he fell through the fifth round. He can cover, and he can cover the tight end. He will have a wonderful chance to make this football team in the defensive backfield. Josh Bush is another one. He too can play in the press coverage and provide pressure to the tight end.

Terrance Ganaway is a guy that has a lot of people talking. He is a 240 pound brusing running back with a nose for the endzone, that could be a major sleeper. And finally, I don’t care if he was playing in a pee wee league, with 140 receptions, Jordan White has talent. He could be a sleeper as well.

My grade, I have mentioned it over the weekend but here it is again. B+. It is only a B+ because I leave for the possibility of Coples being a bust. We won’t know the answers obviously right away, but I could see the results turning into an A+.

But Cs and Ds? Sorry I don’t see it.

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