It's Time for the Jets to Say Goodbye to Santonio Holmes

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Santonio Holmes had issues all season, fighting with players in the media and privately. He took issue with the playcalling, and there were conflicting reports as to whether he and others went to Rex Ryan to complain about it. It all came to a head in the final week of 2011, where Santonio’s complaining on the field, so strong that he had to be separated from other players, caused him to be taken out of the game on the game’s final drive.

In comes 2011.

Santonio had been mysteriously, and enjoyably by the way, quiet, working out in Florida. But, in the wake of the Tim Tebow trade, we hear from our wonderful wide receiver. In true Keyshawn Johnson fashion, he said how he doesn’t care who the quarterback is as long as he gets the ball. Haven’t we been here before?

He goes on to say that he wants Sanchez to be successful, but success means that he will take chances in getting him the ball, the way Big Ben used to in Pittsburgh, and that if the QB is having problems, he will be chanting for Tim Tebow just like everybody else.

So, he wants the ball, and if he doesn’t get it, he will complain. Haven’t we been HERE before?

This doesn’t work, and it has to stop. It has to stop now. The locker room is divided, we all know that. With this trade, it became even more divided. Santonio Holmes is clearly unchanged, and his attitude will ruin whatever is left with this football team.

He needs to go.

Some will say, “They can’t let him go, he makes too much money.” To that I say, I don’t even care anymore. If he is already counting against the salary cap, they already don’t have the money. It’s not like if they keep him, they have the money available, and if they let him go, they don’t. They don’t have the money either way, so why not take the hit on the money, but improve the locker room?

Finally, how did this end when it happened with Keyshawn Johnson? He was traded. How did Holmes’ time in Pittsburgh end? He was traded.

Can history repeat itself? That would be great. Either way he needs to go.


Jets fans, sound off below on Santonio Holmes.


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