It's Time for the Jets to Say Goodbye to Santonio Holmes

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It's time for this Jet to fly out of town. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

The offseason is in full swing. Free agency has begun with the small piece-meal moves the Jets have made so far. The trade, we don’t have to talk about because it has been beaten to death. And now, the biggest grump of them all has broken their silence, Santonio Holmes. Will highlight throughout, but for full coverage of his comments, read my piece from yesterday here.

First, let’s take a look at the background on this guy before he came to the Jets. He was the MVP of the Super Bowl against the Arizona Cardinals, with admittedly a brilliant catch. For a look back, take a look at the replay here:

A great catch, right? Sure was, and on the biggest stage possible. You would think, the Steelers would reward this guy and keep him, despite his 4 game suspension the following season. Did they? No. They traded him to the Jets for a fifth round draft pick.

It makes you wonder, at least it made me wonder, why the Steelers would trade a Super Bowl MVP for a fifth round draft pick.

So he comes to the Jets in 2010, and from what we saw on “Hard Knocks”, the coaching staff was as giddy as kids on Christmas to have this guy. And he did play well, catching 52 passes for 746 yards and 6 TDs in only 12 games in 2010. He had some drops, but nobody was a better asset to Mark Sanchez in the clutch in 2010.

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